Testimonials from a Few Incubator Companies

Testimonials from a Few Incubator Companies

“The USC Marshall/Greif Incubator has been incredibly valuable to our company. Paul’s leadership has helped us navigate difficult challenges and successfully raise capital. This incubator program is successfully fostering an ecosystem that is needed in Silicon Beach – less “NO, you can’t do that” and more “YES, let’s make it happen”. It’s clear that the trajectory of OOTify changed after joining the incubator and it’s largely dependent on how you leverage the resources available. With the USC Marshall/Greif Incubator’s backing, I have no doubt we will accomplish great things and as a Marshall alum, that makes me very proud of my alma mater. Fight on!” — Ravi Sharma, CEO, OOTify

“USC’s Incubator at the Lloyd Greif Center is a dream come true for startups. There’s a strong sense of community here that you just don’t find in most tech circles. From the day we joined the cohort, fellow entrepreneurs were quick to offer their support and advice in dealing with day-to-day challenges of running a company. The Director of the program, Paul Orlando, is an incredible mentor, communicator and connector. Even with limited hours in a day he finds time to provide sound advice when you need it most. He works closely with a tight group of USC alumni, investors, and marketing gurus and leverages his network to help founders launch and scale. Whether you’re preparing to pitch or launch a new product, Paul has the experience and patience to help founders realize and effectively communicate their vision. I’m extremely proud to be a part of this innovative group and I look forward to making many lifelong connections.” — James Chang, Founder, Frenzy

“The Incubator offered me tremendous help bringing 121C Boards from a prototyping to a revenue generating business. Prior to the launch of our successful crowdfunding campaign, Paul facilitated our project to be chosen as a Kickstarter ‘staff pick’ which elevated our campaign to the next level, and also pushed me to get published in a multitude of blogs and magazines, really building our following and awareness. In addition to the irreplaceable Kickstarter advice, I really enjoyed the group that I got to know over the course of my time in the program and would recommend applying to anyone who plans to launch a business.” — Ryan Olliges, Founder, 121C Boards

“The Greif Center Incubator helped me grow Speakeasy Briefs tremendously in my time at USC. Paul has connected me with incredible mentors and resources that have helped me solve several of the challenges that my business has faced. Strategy consulting, legal resources, and an awesome community of fellow entrepreneurs are a few of the benefits that are provided to Incubator companies. I feel very lucky to be a member of this incredible community, and would advise my fellow Trojans to apply today!” — Dan Goldman, Founder, Speakeasy Briefs and Clickbait Clothing

“Paul has been a constant source of helpful advice on our business model, getting distribution, and making relevant introductions. While building my company Aqus, Paul has been crucial to our growth and I couldn’t overstate how great he has been.” — Kevin Kassel, Founder, Aqus

“Without the Incubator at USC Marshall, we would not have had any of the resources necessary to get Mira off the ground. Between access to legal help, pitch competitions, other student entrepreneurs, 24/7 office space, and mentorship from Paul, our experience has proven to be invaluable.”  — Ben Taft, Co-founder, Mira

“The USC Marshal/Greif Incubator has been an incredibly fun and beneficial experience for myself and Kidsanity. As a founder, the pressure, doubt and anxiety of getting a company started can be overwhelming. Paul Orlando and the entire USC family gave me incredible encouragement, guidance and support in moving forward and launching. I can’t stress enough how valuable this experience was in regards to networking and getting the right introductions to resources you would not typically have access to. If you are an SC grad with a startup, you owe it to yourself to give the Incubator a look.” — Wannie Park, Founder, Kidsanity and Mega Tiny

“The Incubator at USC Marshall has been a tremendous asset to us in terms of strategy, networking and infrastructure. We’ve met numerous investors, subject experts and entrepreneurs whose input has been invaluable. However, the Incubator’s greatest value might come in the form of Paul Orlando who has been a mentor beyond anything I could have expected. I strongly endorse any USC venture to apply and benefit from his direction as we have.” — Drew Park, CEO, Q-Cigarettes (acquired)

“The Marshall Greif Incubator at USC is an amazing resource for alums and students alike. After moving back to LA, I was looking for a way to connect with like-minded startup founders and was delighted to hear about the new program. It is rare to find quality resources that don’t require you to give up equity in your company (or pay a program fee), and the level of support that we’ve received has been tremendous. In just a couple of months, we’ve already benefited from the access to free legal consultations, networking with our fellow founders in the program, introductions to mentors, and access to extended resources from the Trojan family. I would highly recommend that qualifying startups apply; it’s the best deal in town.” — Jennie Wong, CEO, ShoppingQuizzes.com

“We were so fortunate to be accepted and to be a part of the USC Spring 2016 cohort. We valued Paul’s mentorship and how he connected us with contacts who could help us. The resources available to us as part of the program are indispensable and have proved to be a vital part of our business. Being with other startups in the class also added to the energy and the direction of our early stage company. We grew quite a bit from the program and look forward to the continued mentorship/connections.” — Jennifer Morse, CEO, Simpli Press

“Paul’s introductions, advice, and resources have been phenomenal for TalentTrail’s progress. Over the last couple of months, we have improved growth, strategy, and product. We have also met amazing investors and entrepreneurs who have given us valuable feedback. We have learned so much from the Incubator program and are excited to help more students land positions!” — Sydney Liu, Co-Founder/CEO, TalentTrail, now of Commaful

“I’ve personally had the privilege of working with the Incubator and they have been awesome. The Incubator clearly focuses in development through a shared workspace, and provides a dynamic environment for USC startups to both grow and flourish among other creative and progressive minds. In addition, your startup can gain access to investors, mentors, and more through the Marshall School of Business. If you want the best help available to you in the LA Area, this is the incubator for you, and positions are limited and in demand because of it.” — Walid Abdul-Wahab, Founder & CEO, Desert Farms

“Paul has been an invaluable part of our journey with HostelPass from the idea phase of our business to our recent six-figure investment, and I know that he will continue to offer us unparalleled guidance and support through all of the obstacles to come. Since the beginning, Paul has been available to us as a mentor and has made sure that we are working our hardest to achieve the best results possible. Our success, on a business level and a personal level, is a top priority to him and I am always in awe of his willingness to make time to help us, even though he has countless other priorities.”  — Sarah Weingust, Co-founder, HostelPass 

“The Incubator through the Marshall School of Business / Lloyd Greif Center offered an unbelievable amount of support in helping Hoovy get off the ground.  Paul has a lot of start-up experience and has been instrumental in helping us with everything from perfecting our strategy to introducing us to strategic advisers and investors.  The Greif incubator opened up a lot of doors and set us up on the right track to succeed.” — Eugene Stark, Founder & CEO, Hoovy

“The Incubator was a transformational experience for my company, Showgo. Within a matter of weeks, we had pitch meetings set up at angel groups and pro bono sessions with lawyers and accountants. Above all else though, the mentorship from Paul Orlando and Simon Yu is invaluable. They do a great job of fostering a sense of camaraderie, mutual support, and friendship amongst the companies in the incubator. Their support and attention through the ups and downs of the program helps you grow your business each week. You can go to them with any problem you have, and they will take the time to help you work through a way forward. I am so glad I was accepted to this program, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to other early companies.” — Bubba Fish, Founder, Showgo

“The Incubator has been an incredible and transformative experience for both me and my company thus far. Paul Orlando, the brains behind the Incubator is someone you want on your team. His constant support, push and passion has driven me to reach and exceed goals I did not think were possible. The resources readily available for members of the Incubator were incredible, ranging from online experts, to advertising gurus, legal help and more. All in all this experience has been truly invaluable and I am so grateful to be a part of it.” — Sami Fishbein, Founder, OMie Yoga