Leventhal School of Accounting

Staff Contacts

Name (click to e-mail) Title Office Phone
Alba, Arthur Assistant Director of Undergraduate Program ACC 229 213-740-4838
Berry, Kristelyn  Project Specialist, Communications and Events ACC 121 213-821-7860
Chan, Jennifer Student Services Advisor for Masters Programs ACC 103A 213-821-4442
Cowan, Cathy Director of Masters Programs ACC 101D 213-740-5003
Flinn, Ashley Associate Director of Masters Programs ACC 103C 213-740-4866
Galvan, Danielle Administrative Services Manager ACC 121C 213-740-2431
Goodie, Audrena Administrative Assistant ACC 121 213-740-8304
Holder, William Dean of Leventhal School of Accounting ACC 101 213-740-4838
Maxey, Shirley Associate Dean of Masters Programs ACC 101C 213-740-4838
Mendoza, Linda Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Program ACC 232A 213-740-4838
Penner, Milli Associate Dean of Undergraduate Program ACC 101B 213-740-4838
Perez, Kimberly Associate Director of Graduate Admissions  ACC  213-740-4866
Ramirez, Erica Project Specialist, Financial Affairs ACC 234C 213-740-4869
Smith, Lori Assistant Dean of Administration ACC 121A 213-740-0572


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Leventhal School of Accounting
ACC 101, mc 0441
3660 Trousdale Parkway
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0441


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