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About Us

Southern California is a dynamic region which has undergone fundamental restructuring. As a microcsom of the North American economy, the region offers challenge and opportunity. Certainly one of the great "world" cities, the Los Angeles metropolitan area has become an important force on the Pacific Rim, as a trading, entertainment, manufacturing and financial center attracting both domestic and foreign investment. The real estate industry has always had, and will continue to have, a major role in the economy of Southern California.

In this environment, the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California has long recognized the industry's need for both undergraduate business majors and MBAs skilled in all business disciplines but with specialized training in real estate. Today's real estate professional must have a strong sense of how the business world operates along with specialized skills in real estate asset management, development, financing and investment, market assessment, and the marketing of real estate. Increasing sophistication characterizes all aspects of the industry and real estate education at the Marshall School responds to this.

The goal of the Program in Real Estate is to provide an environment in which the highest quality education in all aspects of the real estate industry can be pursued. The Marshall School of Business and the real estate faculty are committed to providing a rigorous and relevant instructional real estate program and has been doing so for over 30 years at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Southern California provides a living laboratory in which students can readily apply skills learned in the classroom, enhancing their learning experience. Throughout USC's real estate degree programs, theory is blended with cases and opportunities are provided for practice. There are numerous opportunities provided for student-executive interaction, bridging the gap between the classroom and industry. The program is designed to provide its graduates with the theoretical grounding and the practical and analytical skills necessary for success in the real estate industry.

The Lusk Center for Real Estate is a co-venture of the Marshall School of Business and the School of Policy, Planning and Development. The Center facilitates real estate research and coordinates conferences and programs involving industry outreach. The School of Policy Planning and Development offers a graduate degree in real estate development and numerous complementary elective courses at the graduate level. The Marshall School Program in Real Estate works hand in hand with the Lusk Center and the School of Policy Planning and Development to offer real estate students an integrative and current real estate education.