Student Organizations

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Entrepreneur and Venture Management Association (EVMA)

The EVMA is a graduate student organization that provides MBA candidates and others with opportunities to learn more about entrepreneurial opportunities and careers across a variety of industries and fields. The student-led group schedules numerous talks, roundtables, and other events throughout the year – facilitating active discourse between successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, students, and other LA-area professionals in or associated with the venture management community.

The USC Entrepreneur Club (e-Club)

The e-Club, the Marshall School’s largest undergraduate organization, is committed to the support of students with entrepreneurial interests. Throughout the academic year, the e-Club’s student members organize talks, workshops, networking events, and field trips that allow them and their peers to interact with and learn from some of the most prominent members of LA’s entrepreneurial community.

SPARK SC: Student Innovation at USC

Our mission is to inspire a culture of innovation, expose students to hands-on experiences, support current innovators with mentorship, and connect like-minded individuals within the community.

Family Business Network (an Affiliate Program of the Greif Center)

The Family Business Network provides a wide range of resources focused on the unique issues of family owned and managed businesses. This program brings owners and managers of mid-sized family companies together in interactive forums to address the issues of business and the issues of business families. The program provides powerful resources to help business families successfully work through transitions, develop strategic vision and enact strategic plans for the business and for the family, broaden their perspectives through outside resources, and acquire and implement cutting edge personal and management knowledge and skills.

Business Expansion Network (an Affiliate Program of the Greif Center)

The Business Expansion Network (BEN) is a key component of the Community Economic Development division of USC's Office of External Relations. The program was initiated in the Marshall School of Business Entrepreneur Program in 1991, and has doubled in size every year since its inception. As an organization that sparks business expansion with an entrepreneurial mindset, BEN assists Los Angeles entrepreneurs in planning for growth by providing them business training and technical assistance. In 1995, BEN business analysts spent 4,524 hours in consultation with their clients. 39 jobs were created, and more than $1,600,000 in loans were packaged and approved.