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Research Environment

Research by the statistics faculty emphasizes developing new methodology that grows out of business and public policy applications. In methodology, the statistics faculty's research covers a wide segment of the field of statistics including Bayes and empirical Bayes methods, data mining, categorical data, hidden state Markov models, classification rules, clustering methods, econometric and psychometric models, and general linear models. Applications include finance, marketing, real estate, health policy, defense system testing, computer science and discrimination in employment and in sentencing.

Recognized Research Authorities

The Statistics faculty members are among the leading authorities of Business Statistics worldwide. One senior Statistics faculty member plays a leading role in the profession's advice to the federal government on statistical methodology. In addition, Statistics faculty members have served as senior editors and associate editors of premier management journals, including:

  • Annals of Statistics
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • The Econometrics Journal
  • Journal of Multivariate Analysis
  • Statistica Sinica

Faculty Honors

  • Fellow of the American Statistical Association; Noether Young Scholar Award; National Science Foundation Grants; National Science Foundation CAREER Award

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