MS in Marketing Student Perspectives: Pippa Bowen

Our MS in Marketing students come from many different backgrounds, but share a common goal of acquiring the advanced skills needed to enhance their current and future careers in marketing. In our ‘Student Perspectives’ profiles, we explore both current student and alumni perspectives on choosing to pursue a specialized Master’s degree at USC Marshall and the overall impact of our program.

September 28, 2017

MS Marketing Pippa B



Pippa Bowen


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

MS in Marketing Track

Consumer Behavior


California State University, Long Beach, BS Business Administration, Class of 2012

Major: Marketing, Minor: Communication Studies

Current Position

Digital Account Manager, ESPN


The Class of 2018’s Pippa Bowen is a part-time student who works as a Digital Account Manager at ESPN. Pippa chose the MS in Marketing program because she knew she wanted to continue working in marketing, and thought it made more sense to drill down into her field rather than take the more generalized approach of getting an MBA. As the Career Development Chair on the MS in Marketing Advisory Council and VP of Marketing on the Graduate Women in Business Council, Pippa is constantly busy. Between work, class, studying, meetings, events, and planning her wedding, Pippa says her calendar is constantly booked solid, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude is a wonderful addition to the classroom (and all her other various activities). After graduation, Pippa has her eye on the entertainment industry and hopes to one day make the move over to theatrical or home entertainment. Get to know Pippa a little better in the interview below!


What are your hobbies?

I commute a lot, so my main hobby right now is listening to Podcasts. #SSDGM! When I’m at home I watch Netflix, sew, and play with my pets.


If you have spare time, what are you most likely to do with it? 

That’s funny. Spare time! If I ever have spare time I try to spend it with my fiancé and friends. We’ll have game nights or go to Disneyland.


What are your favorite restaurants in LA?

Angel Thai in Glendale is my favorite Thai place ever. The Misfit in Santa Monica is amazing and has great Brussels sprouts. Minori Restaurant has great sushi and a roll that literally comes on fire called the ‘Flaming Troy’ which I think is a fun way to show some school spirit. #fighton


How about your favorite LA “neighborhood”? 

I honestly don’t have one. I live in Orange County, work in Burbank/Glendale and Downtown LA, and drive all over the place. No place is too far for me.


Favorite commercial you’ve seen recently?

That’s really hard to say. Most of the ads I see now-a-days are digital pre-roll, banner, or social ads. Those are often the weirdest ones out there. I enjoyed Harrah’s Resort SoCal for their “Funner California” campaign. Their ads had a consistent thematic across all platforms: digital, video, radio, out of home. I’m assuming the video ran on TV, but since I’m a cord cutter I’m not sure. I really liked the tagline: “Funner. It’s not a word. It’s a place.” This let set my grammar-crazed mind at ease.


What has been your favorite class so far?

I’ve loved all of my classes for different reasons. My favorite Marketing class was Marketing Strategy with Dr. Badame. My favorite CNTV course was Digital Technologies and the Entertainment Industry. It was taught at Hulu and I loved the subject matter, speakers, and level of access we had.


Who has been your favorite guest speaker? 

It’s really hard to choose just one! I loved hearing Jill Nordquist, SVP of Marketing at Jakks Pacific. I’ve never worked in consumer products and the toy industry and licensing deals are fascinating to me.


What are your favorite brands? 

Taco Bell. Hands down. #livemas! I love how the company rebranded itself to be a youthful lifestyle brand even though it’s fast food. Everyone knows I’m obsessed I have a framed hot sauce packet on my desk at work that says: “Do it with passion or not at all.” Other brands I love are Netflix, Hulu, and T-Mobile.


Do you have any marketing or business leaders you think are inspiring?

Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm is one amazing lady I look up to. My previous manager, Janna Zagari (Manager, Social Media, Tumblr) inspires me to this day even though she’s now in New York. Janna helped guide my career when it was just getting off the ground and I owe everything to her. Of our mentors and guest speakers, I adore Jenna Lauer (Managing Partner, Hall & Partners LA). Jenna is an extremely intelligent woman who is driven, authentic, and willing to help others. (Can you tell I’m a member of Graduate Women in Business? Literally everyone I’ve listed is female.) For a token male, Travis Howe recently joined the ESPN team as SVP of Digital Ad Products Sales & Strategy. He’s unapologetically quirky, smart, and transparent about how he’s changing the organization for the better. Quick shout out to my current manager, Ian Lynch (Sr. Manager, Digital Account Management, ESPN) who has been incredible in supporting me while working full time and attending school. He’s the type of manager everyone wishes they could have!


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