Gary Locke thinks the US has more to lose in a trade war than China

Gary Locke, former US Ambassador to China, Secretary of Commerce and Governor of Washington has experienced trade issues from all angles.

Constructing a Career – Part 2

How do you align a career with your own motivations?

Constructing a Career – Part 1

Where does an MBA fit in a career plan? How do you plan a career? How many steps does it take to reach your goal?

Bill Zarit says the environment for foreign investment in China is deteriorating

In this episode of Business Class, Bill Zarit, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, describes the monumental economic shifts that are taking place.

Wayne Forrest on Indonesia beginning to turn toward the world of entrepreneurship

Wayne Forrest has been President of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce through many of the country’s business and political cycles.

Jim Castle with his view from Indonesia, sees the US surrendering the market to China

Jim Castle, who describes himself as ‘an accidental businessman’ established CastleAsia in 1980 which has given him a unique view of the shifting of economic power from west to east.

Yosuke Honjo wants everyone in North America to drink his green tea

Ito En sells over $4 Billion USD of tea annually in Japan.

USC IBEAR brings real business to MBA students

There is book learning and then there is taking your knocks on the street.

Alfred Fung connects game design and his MBA

Alfred Fung starts speaking about his gaming with the absolute that it must be fun.

Dan Ping Mu solves business problems in China

Dan Ping Mu faces challenges for her consulting clients in China head on – and then looks at them from all angles to find the right solution.