Constructing a Career – I was building companies from the ground up

Chris Darnell likes risk and has “a high capacity for ambiguity.”

In network security “The bad guys are always ahead.”

Kazu Yozawa is the Global CTO of NTT Security and thinks we live in a scary world.

Cecilia Chan’s investment strategy is to “Do well by doing good.”

Cecilia Chan is the Managing Director of a Manhattan-based private equity firm, Octonovem.

U.S. – China trade from the Chinese side

There is a question inside China about how this president is different from other U.S. presidents.

Wendy Cutler believes raising tariffs violates the U.S.’s WTO obligations

Wendy Cutler spends a lot of time thinking about trade.

When is it a Trade War?

Business Class asks two USC China experts for insight.

Gary Locke thinks the US has more to lose in a trade war than China

Gary Locke, former US Ambassador to China, Secretary of Commerce and Governor of Washington has experienced trade issues from all angles.

Constructing a Career – Part 2

How do you align a career with your own motivations?

Constructing a Career – Part 1

Where does an MBA fit in a career plan? How do you plan a career? How many steps does it take to reach your goal?

Bill Zarit says the environment for foreign investment in China is deteriorating

In this episode of Business Class, Bill Zarit, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, describes the monumental economic shifts that are taking place.