Sidney Rittenberg - In Memorium

Sidney Rittenberg, author, teacher, and famed consultant on doing business in China passed away on August 24, 2019.

“Be curious—keep asking if you’re really solving the right problem.”

Nicole Cathcart explains how her role in leading an innovation team means leaning into the constraints and complexities of developing viable products and services in the health care sector.

Climate change is a fact in Singapore - Masagos Zulkifli – Minister for Environment & Water Resources, Singapore

In this episode of Business Class, the subject is climate change and business.

Carl Voigt – Good strategy / Bad strategy

How does the Cold War inform business strategy? What truism about strategy did Lord Nelson understand to win the Battle of Trafalgar?

The Farmers and the Fishers - Negotiate a Merger

Palau is a small island nation.

“Critical Thinking is about saying – what if I’m wrong?”

Dr. Glenn Fox talks about the multifaceted nature of critical thinking and how he uses it on his daily drive to USC in LA traffic.

"In Palau, the environment is the economy."

In this two-part series, Business Class explores the business policies on the small island nation of Palau.