Selection for the WBB program is competitive. The program provides a small cohort of 45 truly international students with a solid preparation in the field of business management. The strongest candidates will have an outstanding academic record and an ability to adapt and thrive in different environments. Students’ academic history and writing prompts help us determine preparedness for this rigorous and rewarding program.

Admission Standards

Applicants are evaluated on the content and rigor of their high school coursework, their grades, standardized test scores, activities summary, essay and counselor/teacher recommendations.

  • High school transcripts from grades 9 to 12
  • SAT or ACT, essays and essay scores are optional
  • TOEFL or other English language certificates
  • Activities summary
  • Personal statement
  • Counselor or teacher recommendations
  • Video introduction*

* For more information and instructions, please visit:

At the discretion of the admission committee, personal interviews may be required for admission consideration. Other supplementary materials and information may also be required. It is incumbent upon each applicant to visit the appropriate school’s website to understand the filing deadline and materials required.

Application Channels and Timeline

The WBB admission committee is comprised of program and admission directors from each school acting as full and equal partners. The committee selects the incoming WBB cohort. Interested students are encouraged to visit each school’s website to learn about the specific WBB application processes and recruitment programming. In an effort to accommodate school-specific admission protocols and schedules, WBB applicants are encouraged to select the application channel that best suits their needs.

Each student should submit only one WBB application. Applicants are advised to submit to the university where they want to be considered for admission to its other programs. Similarly, applying to WBB will not influence chances for admission to any of the three universities or other programs of interest.

Students interested in applying through the USC Application Channel:

Application Deadlines

Careful adherence to application filing instructions and dates will insure eligibility for admission consideration. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

  1. Students applying through the USC Application Channel are encouraged to contact the USC Marshall School of Business, Office of Undergraduate Admissions for assistance and program information.
  2. The application is available through
  3. Interested prospective freshmen students must complete all four application components by December 1st, 2018 for Fall 2019 admission and scholarship consideration
  • Common Application
  • USC Writing Supplement (attached to Common Application)
  • World Bachelor’s in Business Written Prompts (attached to USC Writing Supplement)
  • Video Introduction

Prospective freshmen applicants are encouraged to visit the campus through one of our visit programs. In addition, USC offers admission programming in many domestic and international city venues. Please see our upcoming event schedule for more details:

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

During the first three years, students will pay the tuition and fees of the university where they are in residence. The following are the estimated costs for a student entering the WBB program in Fall 2018. Keep in mind that actual costs are subject to change.

  Year 1 USC Year 2 HKUST Year 3 Bocconi
Tuition USD 55,320 HKD 210,000 Euro 18,000
Accommodation USD 16,071* HKD 35,000-100,00* Euro 7,000

*Based on availability and selection

The fourth-year tuition fee will be charged based on the institution attended.

Please also take into consideration that other costs will occur each year, such as travel expenses (related to moving from one country to another), books, supplies, medical insurance and personal expenses. WBB advisors will work with families and students to help them define these costs.

Please be aware that, for admission to USC, international students are legally required to demonstrate that they are able to support themselves financially, including tuition, accommodations and other expenses, for one year.


WBB is targeted for students with an outstanding academic record. The WBB universities offer merit-based scholarships covering one-half or one-quarter of annual tuition fees. Once awarded, they can be renewed from year to year, if academic requirements are upheld. All applicants will be automatically considered for scholarships based on their academic merit, distinguished accomplishments and skills.

There is no need to file a separate scholarship application. Students should check for other country-specific scholarships, financial aid packages and loans on the websites of the three partner schools. Candidates for regionally accepted merit programs should inquire if the award program can be applied toward the WBB program.

Please visit our Student Blogs to hear how our students are enjoying the program!