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At USC Marshall there are no boundaries, only opportunities.


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Globalization and new technologies have converged, dissolving traditional boundaries between countries, cultures, industries and disciplines.


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Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience.

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At USC Marshall there are no boundaries, only opportunities

The future of global business is being developed in Southern California. Globalization and new technologies have converged, dissolving traditional boundaries between countries, cultures, industries and disciplines. Competition, complexity and the pace of change are more intense. Innovations previously undreamed of are revolutionizing every aspect of the business enterprise, from commerce and infrastructure to leadership and the way we communicate and learn.

The USC Marshall School of Business and its Leventhal School of Accounting are in the vanguard of this transformation. USC Marshall's location at the University of Southern California and in Los Angeles - a global center for arts, technology and international trade — provides a living laboratory for teaching and research that is second to none.

Our faculty are thought leaders across all major business and accounting disciplines, producing high-impact research that addresses critical problems facing business and society. Our world-class resources, groundbreaking curricula and wide-ranging partnerships throughout the Pacific Rim instill in our students a global outlook, entrepreneurial perspective and real-world experience that make them tomorrow's business leaders.

And our momentum is growing. USC Marshall is reinventing the very role and nature of business education. We are poised to implement transformative new programs for undergraduates, graduate students and faculty – and secure our place among the world's elite business schools.

A World of Difference

Leadership in a global business environment requires a global business education — one where students shed their assumptions and broaden their perspectives.

At USC Marshall, a global outlook informs everything we do. USC Marshall was the first business school in the country to require all MBA students to take part in an international experience. Today all MBA students and 80 percent of freshmen travel abroad to learn about global commerce firsthand. USC Marshall’s 80,000 alumni span 100 countries and hundreds of industries.

USC Marshall is home to world-renowned faculty members who direct centers of research and teach students about global issues ranging from innovation to investment studies, international accounting standards, branding and social esponsibility. We also take very seriously our obligation to contribute to our community — locally, nationally and around the world.

Our location in Los Angeles exposes students to a microcosm of the global business environment, and the international relationships and robust learning partnerships we have forged in Europe, Asia and South America over the past 25 years yield unparalleled learning and employment opportunities for our students.

The USC Marshall Initiative will create more innovative programming and more scholarship opportunities that will expand the availability of the school’s Learning about International Commerce (LINC) program to all business majors. It will fuel our new World Bachelor in Business degree program. And it will help us develop new programs that leverage technology and support collaboration to connect students with companies abroad in real time.

The Entrepreneurial Edge

The principals of entrepreneurship have been the cornerstone of the USC Marshall curriculum for decades. The school’s Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, for example, was the first program of its kind, and it continues to serve as a model for those that have followed. Bringing successful entrepreneurs to teach alongside tenured faculty, the center’s non-traditional curriculum pushes aspiring entrepreneurs to recognize opportunity and turn possibility into reality. Our Southern California location — a center of innovation and entrepreneurship — also lends to a rich environment of pioneering and groundbreaking ideas.

USC Marshall alumni have founded successful ventures across the entire spectrum of the business enterprise, and have done so around the globe. Our students gain the skills and experiences they need to become active participants in our successful alumni business community, because we encourage their capacity for original thinking.

At USC Marshall, students’ new ideas for educational and research projects are greeted by faculty with enthusiasm rather than skepticism. This enthusiasm must be matched by financial resources that empower the kind of novel thinking that is critical for success in the global business environment.

It is our goal to have every USC Marshall student think and act like an entrepreneur — whether creating a startup fresh out of school, or branching out into new directions after decades in the professional realm.

Learning By Doing

Across all academic fields, the USC Marshall classroom experience constitutes only a small percentage of students’ education at the university. There is no substitute for the application of knowledge when it comes to gaining practical skills. And there is no limit to the possibilities when it comes to integrating USC Marshall with the business world.

USC Marshall’s Experiential Learning Center bridges the gap between theory and practice by engaging students in mock negotiations replicating challenging, real-world business scenarios. Faculty members frequently bring students into their research to grapple with challenges spanning every aspect of the global economy.

Many class assignments involve projects on behalf of major national and international businesses and corporations, requiring students to interact with professionals at all levels of these organizations, and culminating in presentations to key executives.

Internships and mentoring programs connect students to business leaders one-to-one. And university industry partnerships and our broad alumni network yield wide-ranging opportunities for learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Financial resources that support innovative teaching, groundbreaking research and hands-on learning experiences are essential to Marshall’s goal of delivering business education that enables the high-potential talent of faculty and students to flourish.

Realizing the Vision

The USC Marshall School of Business is in a unique position to build on its considerable strengths and emerge as an undisputed leader in a new era of global business education. But making this vision a reality requires a major financial commitment.

That is why the school is embarking on a historic effort to raise $400 million to support students, faculty, programs and facilities. We invite our alumni and friends to partner with USC Marshall on this bold initiative — and help ensure that the school becomes an even more powerful driving force in the world of business and business education.

USC Marshall About Scholarship USC Marshall Endowment for Student Scholarships — $200 million
At USC Marshall, the greater the diversity of our student body, the richer the educational experience for everyone. The school already attracts remarkably talented students from across the country and around the world, but not all have the resources to pay for a USC Marshall education. We are committed to recruiting the global business leaders of tomorrow, regardless of their financial situations. To ensure that we continue to attract and retain the highest potential student talent, we must dramatically increase our endowment for scholarship support.
USC Marshall About Capital Project USC Marshall Capital Projects — $100 million
Our aspirations play out in our classrooms, case rooms, libraries and offices, as well as in business settings both locally and internationally. Our facilities must enhance the constantly evolving nature of business education. Continued investment in USC Marshall's facilities will assure the students and faculty of today and tomorrow that they will be able to fulfill their promise, and help catapult the school to the next tier of achievement.
USC Marshall About Research USC Marshall Endowment for Faculty, Research and Teaching — $50 million
Preeminent faculty thought leaders are the bedrock of any top business school. To continue USC Marshall's ascent into the ranks of the world's elite schools — especially in the face of increasingly fierce competition for internationally renowned scholars — we must generate resources that enable us to recruit, retain and support a critical mass of faculty of the highest caliber. These teacher-scholars play a critical role in increasing impactful research, developing innovative programs and providing an outstanding educational experience for our students.
USC Marshall About Strategic Fund USC Marshall Dean's Strategic Fund — $40 million
Any venture requires a commitment of resources that can be used to seed new programs and support innovation and emerging opportunities as they arise. Unrestricted funds enable faculty, students and administrators to experiment with new ideas and respond strategically when unexpected opportunities appear. Unrestricted funds help the school launch initiatives that enhance teaching and learning amid a rapidly changing business and educational landscape. This agility and flexibility can make the difference between an excellent school and one that ranks among the very best in the world.
USC Marshall About Student Academic Programs USC Marshall Endowment for Student Academic Programs and Priorities — $10 million
USC Marshall is committed to providing our students with a wide range of exceptional educational experiences. Increased financial support will sustain the extraordinary programs already in place, expanding their reach and increasing their impact. Additionally, new programs will be created to advance student knowledge, develop skills and prepare students to face the challenges and opportunities of a changing global marketplace.