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M.S. Global Supply Chain Management


The Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management program is designed to facilitate the needs of working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the rapidly-changing world of global supply chain management. The program is comprehensive in both academics and practical applications, offering highly valued certification like a Black belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Attend Class Anywhere

Lectures and classes are available via the internet 24/7, 365 days of the year. With the MS program you can attend that trade conference in Australia and sign in to class when you’re free the same day.

Globally recognized as the university with the highest number of international students, the Trojan Family spans worldwide and recognizes the importance of recognizing and being familiar with an international community. With the MS in GSCM program, you will discover new places, experience new cultures, and understand how the two combine to create a different business environment. Students will have the invaluable opportunity to embark upon two faculty led experiential business trips; for the class starting in2013, these experiential sessions will be Los Angeles and Singapore.

Online courses are transmitted from studio classrooms via an extensive internet- delivery system to enable the students to access their classes anytime, from anywhere. Lectures are also made accessible for the entire semester, allowing students to go back and review a complex lesson or prepare for exams. All classes are taught in English. Students will be required to work in teams online and are encouraged to interact with the instructors and their classmates. Teaching assistants will be available to help provide timely responses to all questions and concerns.

Program Highlights
  • Mixture of distance-education and face-to-face learning experiences
  • Choice of face-to-face and online in-class formats
  • Choice of on-campus at USC in Los Angeles and online program options
  • Faculty advisement sessions at local locations
  • • Based in Los Angeles, the program outreaches to the fastest growing economies abroad
  • Field trips to Singapore and Los Angeles

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Lean Six Sigma Certifications

The Lean Six Sigma Certification courses teach and prepare students to utilize Six Sigma practices and techniques to improve operations for their organizations and reduce inefficiencies. The Lean Six Sigma approach is a systematic methodology that can be applied from industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.

The course will teach you how to significantly improve business processes, reduce process variation, eliminate waste and defects, accurately measure and analyze data for process improvement, identify and eliminate process variation sources, and implement process control to hold project gains.

Supply Chain Management - Online Course

Learn the fundamentals of supply chain management in this online course. The course will show you how to carefully evaluate your firm's supply chain by creating an effective design and developing policies that maximize return on investments while improving ability to serve customers. This course is structured for participants to directly utilize the ideas and tools learned in the online sessions in their own business operations. For more details and program dates, go to: Supply Chain Management Online Course

Specialized Training Courses

Specialized Courses taught by subject matter experts (SMEs) in the Center for GSCM
Courses Offered include: Tariffs, Exports/Imports, Documentation, Air and Ocean Transport and Free Trade Agreements