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428m Principles of Employment Law (4, FaSp) Comprehensive survey of employment and labor law topics arising in the contemporary American workplace.

Finance and Business Economics Department

The Marshall School's top-ranked Finance and Business Economics (FBE) Department consists of faculty members who are leading authorities in microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate finance, investments, financial institutions, financial markets, and real estate finance. These academic disciplines are important for business planning and consulting, evaluation of capital investments and corporate strategies, and securities investment analysis, advising, and trading. Professors from FBE, augmented by leading practitioners in industry, offer a range of upper-level elective courses preparing Marshall undergraduates for a variety of careers.

FBE offers six Senior Concentrations

Business Economics Business economics is ideal training for students seeking careers in management and litigation consulting, government or industry research, and is excellent preparation for professional training in law or advanced business degrees.

Corporate Finance: The corporate finance option is directed at students who intend to work for major business organizations in a range of areas, from project analysis, financial planning and treasury functions, to strategic planning.

General Financial Management: The general financial management option offers students the widest range of course offerings and is the best option for students who wish to explore a wide range of financial activities prior to making specific career choices.

Investments & Financial Markets Investments and financial markets is an option for students who have interests focussed on investments and asset management and trading financial instruments. Students pursuing this option are ideally prepared for financial advising, trading, and investment banking careers.

Real Estate The real estate option prepares students for jobs in the burgeoning and changing markets for financing commercial real estate investments and residential housing. Courses prepare students for evaluation and financing of real estate investments and innovations in real estate finance.

Real Property Development Real property development is an option providing students with specific skills necessary for planning and building real estate projects and involves selection of a number of courses outside the business school related to construction.

The FBE Senior Concentrations are all described in much greater detail in the following pages.