Marshall MBA Class of 2018

FBE Student Organizations


Graduate Real Estate Association - GREA

GREA Club logo

The Graduate Real Estate Association (GREA) is one of the most respected, well-connected, and active student real estate organizations in Southern California. GREA is a student-led organization that creates learning and networking opportunities for students in many USC graduate programs, including business, law, planning, development, construction, architecture and accounting.

President 21/22Chris Bench    (chris.bench.2022 at

Club AdvisorMarina Mesin Zagar, Marshall CRC    (mesin at

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Marshall Finance Association - MFA

MFA Club logo

As the premier finance career club at the USC Marshall School of Business, our primary objective is to provide an inclusive space for all students to explore career opportunities related to finance.   

Our goal as an organization is 100% job/internship placement for our members. We seek to accomplish this goal by focusing on industry education (interview preparation/certification, jargon, modeling skills, etc.) and networking, focusing on companies that have opportunities for our members.

Whether you’re serious about a finance role or just curious to learn more, we welcome you to join us!

President 21/22Niki Miyashiro    (n.miyashiro.2022 at

Club AdvisorScott Abrams, FBE Dept.   (sabrams at

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Marshall Masters of Finance Association - MMFA

The student-run Marshall Masters in Finance Association (MMFA) fosters community, professional development, career exploration and networking through corporate and alumni outreach, in addition to providing an avenue through which students can engage in extracurricular enrichment.  Students must be in the MSF program to be a part of the association. 

President 21/22:  Joseph Giralamo     (Joseph.Giralamo.2021 at

Club Advisor:  Marina Mesin Zagar, Marshall CRC   (mesin at

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Global Investment Society - GIS

GIS club logo

The purpose of GIS is to teach and practice investing with an emphasis on global markets and varied investment classes, such as bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, derivatives, and alternative investments.

Our goal is to foster an environment of global knowledge and expertise in the investing sector, and to build an investment skill-set that isn't limited to a single market or investment class.

PresidentCasey Russ    (cjruss at

Club AdvisorTy Callahan, FBE Dept.   (tycallah at

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Marshall Real Estate Finance Association - MREFA

MREFA logo - cardinal on a white background

MREFA represents and advances the educational, pre-professional and social interests of students pursuing studies and careers in Real Estate Finance.

Activities: Alumni panels, guest lectures, office site visits, international and domestic recruiting treks, and participation in industry professional organizations, internships, and mentorship.

PresidentConner Knauss    (knauss at

Club AdvisorsSteve Silk, FBE Dept.   (ssilk at  and
                                John Ayoob (ayoobj at

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Moneythink USC

Moneythink logo red on black

Moneythink is an entrepreneurship and financial literacy mentorship organization that connects talented college mentors to inner-city high school students. We train and send our mentors to high schools near USC. You’ll gain first-hand experience being a mentor to 4-5 students and will deliver seminars on personal finance and financial planning.

Co-PresidentMatthew Lee
Co-PresidentRebecca Lee

Club AdvisorZivia Sweeney, Leventhal    (zivia.sweeney at

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Smart Woman Securities - SWS

 USC Smart Women Securities logo     Education  -  Mentorship  -  Community…

Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a national organization with a mission of educating undergraduate women on finance and investments. The USC Chapter of Smart Woman Securities aims to teach undergraduate women about finance and investments, empowering women through financial literacy and independence.  We are one of 25 chapters across the United States in the Smart Woman Securities network.

Through our Seminar Series taught by leading women in the financial services industry, hands-on engagement with Research Teams and Investment Reports, and mentorship initiatives with upperclassmen and alumni, we strive to bring finance and investment education to all Trojan women at the University of Southern California.

In addition to programs offered by our chapter, we seek to advance women in the financial services industry through programs offered by Smart Woman Securities National, including stock pitch and investment competitions with other chapters, corporate treks to leading firms in the industry and opportunities to meet with successful investors such as Warren Buffett. To fulfill our goals of teaching and empowering women, we seek to foster a tight-knit community of female leaders.

Co-CEOJoyce Liang    (joycesli at
Co-CEOMilena van der Reis    (vanderre at

Club AdvisorJulia Plotts, FBE Dept.    (plotts at

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Trojan Consulting Group - TCG

Trojan Consulting Group logo

In 2001, our founders created the Trojan Consulting Group (TCG) with the goal of allowing members to apply the skills that they learned in class to critical real-world issues, providing professional consulting services to a wide range of for-profit and non-profit businesses nationwide. Over nearly two decades, we have successfully partnered with industry leaders across multiple sectors, always striving to add the most value to our clients' organizations.

Our mission is to provide the maximum benefit to our clients through our consulting services, offer an unparalleled learning experience to our members, and commit ourselves to the pursuit of academic and professional growth.

PresidentRajvir Dua    (rajvirdu at

Club AdvisorJulia Plotts, FBE Dept.    (plotts at

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Trojan Investing Society - TIS

Trojan Investing Society logo

The Trojan Investing Society is USC’s premier undergraduate finance club. TIS provides its members with opportunities to learn and recruit for the financial industry through workshops, panels, and networking events.

TIS provides its members with opportunities to learn more about the financial industry through workshops, panels, and networking events. TIS connects members with alumni, professionals, and academics who have been involved in finance in a variety of roles. The Leaders Program is a smaller cohort of freshmen and sophomores focused on technical and behavioral introduction for recruitment preparation. The TIS Mentorship Program pairs sophomores in their spring semester with juniors/seniors mentors who have successfully recruited for internships in the investment banking industry and offers a SF/NY recruiting trip to the top firms at each location.

Co-PresidentEthan Fu    (ethanfu at
Co-PresidentShaila Lundal     (sllundal at

Club AdvisorJulia Plotts, FBE Dept.    (plotts at

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Trojan Real Estate Association - TREA

Trojan Real Estate Association logo

As the leading undergraduate real estate organization, TREA focuses on providing our members opportunities for professional development, networking and skill building. Through these opportunities, we hope to expose our members to all career sectors of Real Estate, while creating an environment for them to explore their passions.

Co-PresidentJohn Horton    (jthorton at
Co-PresidentNicholas Sterling     (nsterlin at

Club AdvisorSonia Savoulian, Price School    (sonias at

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Trojan Venture Partners - TVP

Trojan Venture Partners logo

Trojan Venture Partners is USC's leading venture capital initiative, whose mission is to educate and empower undergraduate students to find success in the venture community. To achieve our mission, TVP offers those interested in a career in VC or entrepreneurship, opportunities like exclusive speaker events, trips to Silicon Valley, internships, hands on investment/pitching opportunities, and access to capital from the world renown incubator Plug and Play.

Managing PartnerParam Patel    (parampat at

Club AdvisorMichael Rivera, Entrepreneur Dept.    (rive126 at

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USC Value Investing Group - VIG

Value Investing Group logo

Formed in 2009, the USC Value Investing Group brings together intellectually curious, high-achieving Trojans of all academic backgrounds to learn and exercise value investing principles in the financial markets.  By fostering intellectually challenging discussions about the markets, VIG cultivates an environment of consistent learning. Members graduate with heightened critical thinking abilities applicable to all facets of industry.

By competing in university stock pitch conferences around the country (Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Michigan, etc.) as well as hosting the largest competition on the West Coast, VIG helps members build a vast network of driven individuals at top universities.

Members also have access to a tight-knit alumni network to gain insight on navigating the investment banking and buy-side recruiting processes. Investment banks, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and hedge funds have historically recruited directly from the group.

PresidentGarret Nourse     (gnourse at

Club AdvisorSuh-Pyng Ku,  Marshall Graduate Pgms    (sku at

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