Minor in Real Estate Finance

The minor in real estate finance is available to all majors except business and real estate development. It provides students with training in the areas of business, finance, real estate law, design, and urban economics. It provides an opportunity for students to gain thorough exposure to the topics of real estate investing, finance and development. Upon successful completion of this minor, students will have achieved a basic understanding of the interplay of the various disciplines involved in contemporary real estate ownership and investment and how they impact the areas of the student's specific interests and expertise.

Those completing this minor will master techniques in valuing income-producing properties, analyze financial instruments such as mortgages and loans, understand the roles of debt and equity, gain insights into the processes of design and construction, as well as understand the dynamics of how real estate markets affect the underlying values of real property assets, as well as the role real estate markets play in the overall economy.

To enroll, students must have completed a minimum of 32 units of college-level course work and attained a minimum overall GPA of at least 2.75. Successful completion of this minor requires 24-26 units including a minimum of 16 upper-division units in the minor and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for the 24-26 units.

Required Courses (12-14 Units)

Accounting: 4 or 6 units
Choose one option from the following *: Units: 4-6

  • ACCT 410x Foundations of Accounting Units: 4 or
  • BUAD 280 Introduction to Financial Accounting Units: 3 and
  • BUAD 281 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Units: 3

Business Finance: 4 units

  • BUAD 215x Foundations of Business Finance Units: 4 *

Real Estate Finance: 4 units

  • FBE 391 Real Estate Finance and Investment Units: 4 ** or
  • FBE 400x Introduction to Real Estate Finance and Development Units: 4

Electives (12 Units with no more than 4 units of Non Real Estate electives)

Real Estate Electives: 8 - 12 units
Choose 8 - 12 units from the following. (The number of units of Real Estate Electives plus Non-Real Estate Electives will total 12.)

  • FBE 427 Real Estate Law Units: 4
  • FBE 465 Real Estate Analysis and Computer Modeling Units: 2 **
  • FBE 466 Management of Real Estate Development: Feasibility Studies Units: 4 **
  • FBE 470 Advanced Real Estate Analysis Units: 4 **
  • FBE 489 Real Estate Capital Markets Units: 4 **
  • FBE 491 Real Estate Finance Colloquium Units: 2 **

Non-Real Estate Electives: 0 - 4 units
Choose 0 - 4 units from the following:

  • BAEP 423 Management of Small Businesses Units: 4
  • DSO 455 Project Management Units: 4
  • FBE 421 Financial Analysis and Valuation Units: 4 **
  • FBE 423 Introduction to Venture Capital and Private Equity Units: 4 **
  • FBE 435 Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities Units: 4 **
  • FBE 437 Entrepreneurial Finance: Financial Management for Developing Firms Units: 4 **
  • FBE 441 Investments Units: 4 **
  • FBE 459 Financial Derivatives Units: 4 **
  • MOR 469 Negotiation and Persuasion Units: 4


*ACCT 410 or BUAD 280 and BUAD 281 must be taken before BUAD 215.

**Prerequisites required. Plan carefully.