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The collaborative nature of research at USC Marshall is shown even in the architecture. Here Hoffman Hall and Bridge Hall are connected by walkways.


USC FBE Marshall Research

The USC Marshall School of Business Department of Finance and Business Economics (FBE) has faculty who do cutting edge research in fields ranging from incentives for managers, to financial crisis theory, to the neuroscience of decisions. They publish in top journals including the American Economic Review, Econometrica, the Journal of Economic Theory, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Political Economy, and the Review of Financial Studies.

Many FBE professors collaborate with other professors at Marshall and other schools. Marshall FBE faculty draw on a network begun at top graduate Ph.D. programs (faculty have degrees from schools including M.I.T., Stanford, the University of Chicago and USC Marshall), renewed by presentations of their working papers at a rigorous system of workshops, and informed by research done both within and outside the department.

Below is a list of forthcoming and recent publications since 2014. Links to many of these articles may be found by going to the Marshall website, clicking on the Department of Finance and Business Economics Faculty (link below) and going to the homepage of the professor.

To learn more about FBE Faculty, please visit FBE faculty page.

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Ahern, Kenneth R. (2016), “Information Networks: Evidence from Illegal Insider Trading Tips,” Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming).

Alonso, Ricardo and Odilon Câmara (2016), “Political Disagreement and Information in Elections,” Games and Economic Behavior (forthcoming).

Chang, Tom, David H. Solomon, Samuel M. Hartzmark and Eugene Soltes (April 2016), “Being Surprised by the Unsurprising: Earnings Seasonality and Stock Returns,” Review of Financial Studies (Forthcoming).
Best Paper Award, California Corporate Finance Conference, 2015
Hillcrest Behavioral Finance Award (First Place), 2015

Cheeseman, Henry R., C. Kerry Fields and Kevin C. Fields (2016), Contemporary Real Estate Law 3rd edition, Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 978-1-4548-7343-3 (forthcoming).

Ferson, Wayne E. and Haitao Mo (2016), “Measuring Performance with market and volatility timing and Selectivity,” Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming).

Fields, C. Kerry and Kevin C. Fields (2016), Essentials of Real Estate Law 1st edition, Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 978-1-4548-5605-4 (forthcoming).

Frydman, Cary and Colin Camerer (2016), “Neural Evidence of Regret and its Implications for Investor Behavior,” Review of Financial Studies (forthcoming).

Frydman, Cary and Gideon Nave (2016), “Extrapolative Beliefs in Perceptual and Economic Decisions: Evidence of a Common Mechanism,” Management Science (forthcoming).

Hoberg, Gerard and Katie Moon (2016), “Offshore Activities and Financial vs Operational Hedging,” Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming).

Hoberg, Gerard and Gordon Phillips (2016), “Industry Choice and Product Language,” Management Science (forthcoming).

Jaimovich, Nir, Martin Gervais, Henry Siu, and Yaniv Yedid-Levi (2016), “What Should I be when I Grow Up? Occupations and Unemployment over the Life Cycle,” Journal of Monetary Economics (forthcoming).

Jaimovich, Nir and Sergio Rebelo (2016), “Non-linear Effects of Taxation on Growth,” Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming).

Jaimovich, Nir, Marty Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo, Josephine Smith (2016), “How Frequent are Small Price Changes,” American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (forthcoming).

Jones, Christopher and Joshua Shemesh (2016), “Option Mispricing Around Nontrading Periods,” Journal of Finance (forthcoming).

Jones, Christopher and Lukasz Pomorski (2016), “Investing in Disappearing Anomalies,” Review of Finance (forthcoming).

Joslin, Scott and Yaniv Konchitchki (2016), “Interest Rate Volatility, the Yield Curve, and the Macroeconomy,” Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming).

Joslin, Scott (2016), “Can Unspanned Stochastic Volatility Models Explain the Cross Section of Bond Volatilities?,” Management Science (forthcoming).

Korteweg, Arthur and M. Sørensen (2016), “Skill and Luck in Private Equity Performance,” Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming).

Korteweg, Arthur, Bernstein, S., and K. Laws, (2016), “Attracting Early-Stage Investors: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment,” Journal of Finance (forthcoming).

Linnainmaa, Juhani, Stephen Foerster, Brian Melzer, and Alessandro Previtero (2016), “Retail financial advice: Does one size fit all?,” Journal of Finance (forthcoming).

Rozo, Sandra V. and Carla Calero (2016), “The Effects of Youth Training on Risk Behavior: The Role of Non-Cognitive Skills,” IZA Journal of Labor and Development (forthcoming).

Rozo, Sandra V., Daniel Mejía and Pascual Restrepo (2016), “On the Effects of Enforcement on Illegal Activities? Evidence from a Quasi-experiment,” World Bank Economic Review (forthcoming).

Simundza, Dan (2016), “Cream Puffs: Why do Elite College Football Programs Schedule Games Against Vastly Inferior Opponents?,” Journal of Sports Economics (forthcoming).

Tüzel, Şelale and Miao Ben Zhang, (2016), “Local Risk, Local Factors, and Asset Prices,” Journal of Finance (forthcoming).

Wang, Yongxiang and Ray Fisman (2016), “The distortionary effects of incentives in government: Evidence from China's "death ceiling" program,” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (forthcoming).

Wang, Yongxiang, Heather Haveman, Nan Jia, and Jing Shi (2016), “The Dynamics of Political Embeddedness in China,” Administrative Science Quarterly (forthcoming).

Wu, Yanhui (2016), “Authority, Incentives and Performance: Evidence from a Chinese Newspaper,” Review of Economics and Statistics (Forthcoming).

Wu, Yanhui (2016), “Incentive Contracts and the Allocation of Talent,” Economic Journal (Forthcoming).

Zapatero, Fernando (2016), “Reference-Based Decisions in Finance,” in I. Venezia (editor), Behavioral Finance: Sophistication, Gender, Attention, Media, and Culture Effects on Investors' Decisions, World Scientific, (forthcoming).

Zapatero, Fernando, Gómez, J.-P., and R. Priestley (2016), “Labor Income, Relative Wealth Concerns, and the Cross-section of Stock Returns,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (forthcoming).

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Alonso, Ricardo and Odilon Câmara (2016), “Bayesian Persuasion with Heterogeneous Priors,” Journal of Economic Theory 165, 672-706.

Alonso, Ricardo and Odilon Câmara (November 2016), “Persuading Voters,” American Economic Review 106 (11), 3590-3605.

Chang, Tom, David H. Solomon and Mark Westerfield (February 2016), “Looking for Someone to Blame: Delegation, Cognitive Dissonance and the Disposition Effect,” Journal of Finance 71 (1), 267-302.

Chang, Tom, Tal Gross, Matthew Neidell and Joshua S. Graff Zivin (2016), “Particulate Pollution and the Productivity of Pear Packers,” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 8 (3).

Chang, Tom, Tal Gross, Matthew Neidell and Joshua Graff Zivin (September 2016), “Air Pollution is Making Office Workers Less Productive,” Harvard Business Review.

Fields, C. Kerry and Kevin C. Fields (September 2016), Essentials of Real Estate Law, Aspen Publishers.

Frydman, Cary and Colin Camerer (2016), “The Psychology and Neuroscience of Financial Decision Making,” Trends in Cognitive Science 20, 661-675.

Hoberg, Gerard and Gordon Phillips (October 2016), “Text-Based Network Industries and Endogenous Product Differentiation,” Journal of Political Economy 124 (5), 1423-1465.

Hoberg, Gerard, Keongtae Kim and Anand Gopal (June 2016), “Does Product Market Competition Drive CVC Investment? Evidence from the U.S. IT Industry,” Information Systems Research 27 (2), 259-281.

İmrohoroğlu, Selahattin, Sagiri Kitao and Tomoaki Yamada (2016), “Achieving Fiscal Balance in Japan,” International Economic Review, 57, 117-154.

İmrohoroğlu, Selahattin and Gary Hansen (July 2016), “Fiscal Reform and Government Debt in Japan: A Neoclassical Perspective,” Review of Economic Dynamics, 21, 201-224.

Korteweg, Arthur and S. Nagel (2016), “Risk-Adjusting the Returns to Venture Capital,” Journal of Finance 71(3), 1437-1470.

Korteweg, Arthur, R. Kraussl and P. Verwijmeren (2016), “Does it Pay to Invest in Art? A Selection-corrected Returns Perspective,” Review of Financial Studies 29 (4), 1007-1038.

Korteweg, Arthur and M. Sørensen (2016), “Estimating Loan-to-Value Distributions,” Real Estate Economics 44 (1), 41-86.

Linnainmaa, Juhani, Ray Ball, Joseph Gerakos, and Valeri Nikolaev (2016), “Accruals, cash flows, and operating profitability in the cross section of stock returns,” Journal of Financial Economics 121, 28-45. 

Linnainmaa, Juhani, Walter Torous, and James Yae, (2016), “Reading the tea leaves: Model uncertainty, robust forecasts, and the autocorrelation of analysts’ forecast errors,” Journal of Financial Economics 122, 42-64.

Linnainmaa, Juhani, Matti Keloharju, and Peter Nyberg, (2016), “Return seasonalities,” Journal of Finance 71, 1557-1589.

Linnainmaa, Juhani, and Joseph Gerakos (2016), “Market reactions to tangible and intangible information revisited,” Critical Finance Review 5, 135-163.

Matsusaka, John (2016), “Ballot Order Effects in Propositions Elections,” Public Choice.

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Ahern, Kenneth R., Daniele Daminelli and Cesare Fracassi (2015), “Lost in Translation? The Effect of Cultural Values on Mergers Around the World,” Journal of Financial Economics 117(1), 165-189.

Ahern, Kenneth R. and Denis Sosyura (2015), “Rumor Has It: Sensationalism in Financial Media,” Review of Financial Studies 28(7), 2050-2093.

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Harris, Lawrence, David H. Solomon and Samuel M. Hartzmark (June 2015), “Juicing the Dividend Yield: Mutual Funds and the Demand for Dividends, Journal of Financial Economics 116 (3), 433-451. Lead Article.
Fama/DFA Prize for the Best Paper in the Journal of Financial Economics on Capital Markets and Asset Pricing (Second Place), 2015.

Harris, Lawrence, Peter Kyle and Eric Sirri (2015), “Statement of the Financial Economists Roundtable, April 2015: The Structure of Trading in Bond Markets,” Financial Analysts Journal.

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Ahern, Kenneth R., Ran Duchin and Tyler Shumway (2014), “Peer Effects in Risk Aversion and Trust,” Review of Financial Studies 27(11), 3213-3240.

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