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The graduate certificate requires successful completion of 15-units with a minimum GPA of at least 3.0 for all units applied to the certificate. (Conferral of the certificate and documentation on the transcript requires that the individual formally apply to the program and be admitted. See the Admissions page for more information about this process.)

Required Courses

Complete at least 9 units from the following:
BAEP 591: Social Entrepreneurship (3 units)
FBE 557: Business Law and Ethics (3)
GSBA 554: Digital Strategies for Sustainability in Global Markets (3)
DSO 505: Sustainable Supply Chains (1.5)
DSO 506: Sourcing and Supplier Management (1.5)
MOR 566: Environmental Sustainability and Competitive Advantage (3)


Complete up to 6 units from the following:
ARCH 519: Sustainability in the Environment: INfrastructures, Urban Landscapes, and Buildings (3)
ARCH 579: Sustainable Building and Environment using LEED metrics (3)
BAEP 564: Investing in Impact Ventures (3)
CE 515: Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (3)
CMGT 577: Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility (4)
DSO 586: Global Healthcare Operations Management (3)
ENE 502: Environmental and Regulatory Compliance (3)
ENST 530: Environmental Risk Analysis (4) or PPD 587: Risk Analysis (4)
ISE 576: Industrial Ecology: Technology-Environment Interaction (3)
LAW 655: Environmental Law (2, 3, or 4)
POSC 546: Seminar in Environmental Policy (4)
PPD 568: Environmental Governance and Sustainability (2)
PPD 587: Risk Analysis (4) or ENST 530: Environmental Risk Analysis (4)
PPD 688: Business and Public Policy (4)
PPD 689: The Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy (4)
PPDE 632: Sustainable Cities (4)
PPDE 660: Environmental Policy Design and Analysis (2)
PSYC 456: Conservation Psychology (4)
SAE 515 (formerly CE-515): Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (3)

Students may also earn credit toward the Certificate electives with up to 4 units of Independent Study (e.g., Marshall 592 or 593) or Directed Research (590 in non-Marshall departments) subject to approval by the faculty Directors prior to registration for the course.

Coursework completed in conjunction with an individual's prior degree may not be credited toward the certificate. Current USC students should visit the FAQ page for additional information.

Successful completion of the Graduate Certificate program is documented on the graduate's USC transcript and acknowledged with a certificate (diploma) issued by the University of Southern California.

For more information, write to or call (213) 740-0671.

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