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Taught by both faculty from USC Marshall School of Business and relevant Food Industry "Subject Matter Experts," this innovative program will enhance the participant's business mindset while providing key knowledge and the latest strategic tools. Be inspired and learn to inspire.

Using recent industry case studies and interactive group discussions, this program includes topics varying from leadership development, team building and management, marketing strategy, ethics, power and influence, as well as economic theory. Attendees will complete the program inspired and equipped to influence and inspire their organizations.

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      March 12, 2018 - March 15, 2018
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      8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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      Los Angeles, CA
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      September 17, 2018 - September 20, 2018
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      8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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      Los Angeles, CA
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Topics and Sessions

Developing a Strategic Mindset

  • Understand business models in the context of assumptions, capabilities and resources
  • Differentiate between value creation and value capture
  • Examine how to make strategic choices in an analytical and integrative way

Leadership, Power and Influence

  • Recognize power dynamics and how they influence leadership abilities
  • Understand the consequences of having or lacking power and influence
  • Learn about the mindsets that effective leaders employ

Strategic Marketing

  • Identify clear value propositions for target market segments
  • Gain insights into successful strategic marketing
  • Create a customer-driven marketing strategy

The Dynamic Landscape of Food Retailing

  • Understand the historical perspective of the food retailing industry
  • Hear a snapshot of where the industry is now and where it is going
  • Social Networking and its Benefit to the Food Industry
  • Recognize the benefits and challenges of organizational networks
  • Identify key networks within your organization
  • Understand the dramatic changes taking place in traditional marketing techniques

Developing Lifetime Customer Value

  • Understand loyalty marketing and how to truly engage your customer
  • Discuss the impact of customer service
  • Learn effective tactics for developing lifelong customers

Management Priorities, Globalization, and the Future of the Food Industry

  • Learn the effects of globalization, management priorities, technology and leadership in the food industry
  • Understand methods on how to make the concepts practical
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Who Should Attend

The program is geared to food industry high potentials managers, directors, and executives seeking to grow and strengthen their leadership and strategic thinking skills.

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Participant Testimonial

"The Food Industry Executive Program changed my outlook on my whole career. The self-confidence I've gained from learning and accepting my personal leadership style is astounding. I can't believe I learned so much in only 4 days!" 
Branch Manager, Crossmark

"This program is an impactful, fast-moving course full of diverse subjects and extremely relevant speakers. It's a must for anyone looking to advance their thinking, their business and their career." 
Strategic Account Manager, Park City Group

"This program exceeded my expectations. Although I already have an MBA, I was able to learn so many new concepts that speak specifically to our industry. There are several things that I will take back to my company and local team that can positively impact business results. Having exposure to the speakers and networking with fellow classmates was truly invaluable and I would recommend this program in a heartbeat."
Account Executive, Kellogg Company

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Diane M. Badame is the Assistant Dean for the Marshall MBA Program and Professor of Clinical Marketing at the University of Southern California. She is widely known for her research on organization behavior and marketing, particularly in the areas of total quality management, advertising and promotion management, and service and product management.Diane M. Badame received her PhD in Physical Education in 1976 from the University of Wisconsin with a minor in Educational Psychology Statistics. She later received her MBA from the University of Minnesota in Finance. For more detailed background information on Professor Badame please click here.

Shon Hiatt is an assistant professor of business strategy at USC Marshall School of Business. He explores issues related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and business strategy in economic contexts ranging from the energy and agribusiness sectors to emerging economies. His research has been published in Academy of Management JournalAdministrative Science Quarterly, and Strategic Management Journal. Prior to joining USC, Professor Hiatt was on faculty at Harvard Business School where he also taught the Global Agribusiness Seminar. For more detailed background information on Professor Hiatt please click here.

James J. Owens is an Assistant Professor in the Center of Management Communication at the USC Marshall School of Business. He is an expert in professional management communication, including oral, written, negotiation and interpersonal skills, as well as career- related communication such as interviewing, resumes, and networking. He has authored more than 100 articles published in local, national, and international magazines and newspapers. James received a BA from Bates College, an MBA from Columbia University and an MPW from USC. For more detailed background information on Professor Owens please click here

Cynthia McCloud joined the Marshall School of Business Office of Executive Education as Director of the Food Industry programs in July 2014. McCloud built her career in sales and marketing specializing in the food retail and manufacturing industries in both the U.S. and also in several international markets. She also has deep experience in loyalty marketing and is passionate about working with her retail and manufacturer associates to continue building awareness in the food industry around health & wellness. Over the years, she has held roles as EVP and General Manager at MarketTools, Catalina Marketing Europe, Catalina Marketing U.S. and started her career at The Vons Companies in Southern California.

Kyle Mayer is a USC Marshall Professor of Management and Organization. He researches how firms govern relationships with other firms, with particular attention to the contract and its role in establishing a framework for the relationship. His research has been published in Organizational Science, Academy of Management Journal, Management Science, and Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization.



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Key Industry Expert

Valerie Jabbar
President, Ralphs Division, The Kroger Co.

USC Marshall FIEP has named Valerie Jabbar Executive in Residence for 2018. Valerie began her career with Fry’s in 1987 as a clerk. Over the last 30 years, she has held several leadership roles, including assistant store director, category manager, Drug/GM coordinator, G.O. Seasonal manager, assistant director of Drug/GM and director of Drug/GM, as well as district manager in the Fry’s Division. In 2012, Valerie moved to the Mid-Atlantic Division to serve as vice president of  merchandising before moving to the Ralphs Division in 2013 as vice president, Merchandising.Valerie was promoted to President in July 2016.


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Continuing Education Units (CEU)

You will earn 4 CEU credits taking this IN PERSON course. A continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs, particularly those required in a licensed profession for the professional to maintain the license. A CEU unit of credit equals to 10 hours of participation in the accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions.

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Course Disclaimer

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure this course runs as described on this web page. Please note that course dates and professors are subject to change. You will be notified by email in advance if there is a date or professor change. Additionally, this course also requires a minimum number of registrants in order to take place. You will be notified by email if the course does not meet this minimum.

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