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Course content is delivered through carefully sequenced class sessions which are integrated across the different functional areas. This “interrelated” delivery method allows students to cover all the functional business disciplines while understanding how each relates to and impacts upon the others in the business environment.

The MBV also focuses on entrepreneurial thinking throughout both semesters to help students develop the skills and cultivate the mindset necessary to recognize, organize, launch and manage new opportunities – both as new ventures and within established companies.

Building on the leadership and management skills gained through military service, this program supplies a thorough grounding in business management, strategies, marketing and finance, to assist veterans in the transition from success in the military to success in a civilian career. The two-semester program meets every other week on Fridays and Saturdays for 18 full-day class sessions each semester.

Curriculum Overview

FALL SEMESTER (12 units)

The first semester is focused on understanding organizations and measuring effectiveness from the perspective of:

  • financial accounting and performance
  • competitive market analysis
  • external communication
  • labor, customer and financial markets
  • statistical and decision analysis
  • analysis and evaluation of new enterprises and new ventures within large organizations


The second semester is focused on strategy, growth and implementation of organization from the perspective of:

  • formulation and implementation of different strategies
  • financial growth strategies
  • comparative management
  • product development and new market strategies
  • organizational leadership and communication
  • skill development necessary to move the venture forward

Sample Curriculum

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Get Your Hands Dirty (2:08)

“The MBV program here at SC is a roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty, entrepreneurship program. There’s a saying in our entrepreneurship class, that is, ‘if you live your life like most people won’t in the short term, you can live your life like most people can’t in the long term.’”

DesaRae Janszen
B.S., Government (USCG Academy)
MBA, Telecommunications (Keller Graduate School of Management)
M.A., Communications (Hawaii Pacific University)
USCG, Commander (Active-Duty)