Los Angeles Gives You the World

From tech and finance, to entertainment and media, business has a home in the city of stars.

The cultural diversity and vast spread of industries are what makes Los Angeles the place to be.

Los Angeles is not your typical college town, and because Marshall is not your typical college education, we think that is what makes it the perfect backdrop. The city is made up of more than the university itself, which means that you will get to experience the countless cultural and business opportunities throughout your four years here.


With 144 nationalities represented and 224 languages spoken, Los Angeles is one of the most international and ethnically diverse cities in the nation—and Marshall follows that trend.

In 2018, 18% of Marshall students were international. View the video below to hear from Professor Zivia Sweeny about the Welcome Week Reception for Diversity Students, an event that introduces the Big Four accounting firms to minority students.



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Everything close to home


Los Angeles is bursting at the seams with everything from museums and restaurants to startups and corporate headquarters. Los Angeles County formed more new businesses between 2010–2014 than any other county in the country and, as a county, comes in 20th in global GDP ranking.

From the 213 startups funded annually in Los Angeles to the corporate headquarters of Disney, CBRE, and the L.A. Lakers, you’ll have the opportunity to meld with the businesses that are proud to wear the title of Made in L.A.

Startups that have made a name for themselves in Los Angeles:



The city has more museums and theaters than any other city in the United States, and there are endless places to explore only a few miles from campus.

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Global access


When we say that this city is your key to the world, we truly mean it. Los Angeles International Airport logs 1,578 landings and takeoffs every day — that averages one plane down a runway every 55 seconds.

Our location opens doors far beyond Los Angeles. Each year, nearly 1,000 Marshall students participate in international programs, and this includes 87% of the freshman class.


If you’re a World Bachelor in Business student, you already know the travel opportunities that lie ahead. As the only 4-year, 3-continent, 3-degree undergraduate program offering in the country, WBB students experience far more than a traditional study abroad experience. Watch the video below to hear first-hand from students about their experiences in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Milan through WBB.


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The world within reach

While there will be plenty of global and cultural opportunities right in your backyard of Los Angeles, most Marshall students find some of their most educational and impactful moments in global study and internship programs. The opportunity to learn about international business first-hand is why so many Marshall students go abroad during their four years of school.

Students who study abroad grow their networks and their skill sets

In this video, you’ll hear from alumni who took advantage of the study abroad and international internship opportunities at Marshall. Johnny Chen (Scopely) explains the value of his internship in Paris with a small real estate company. Nick Shum, CEO of Topwick, credits his Marshall study abroad program in China to developing his international network in Asia. McKinsey & Company’s Abby Chao had study abroad experiences that shaped the way she views international business.