The Flexibility & Autonomy of an Entrepreneur

Education built like a business partnership.

Make your own path, with countless ways to customize your education.

A Marshall education is not one size fits all. Every student starts with the same Business Core Curriculum, giving them a foundational understanding of the business world. Within your designated program—Business Administration, Accounting, or World Bachelor of Business—you'll have the opportunity to further customize you education, choosing to pair their program with any of the 150+ majors and minors offered.



Most heralded are the Business Administration joint majors, where you can choose to get a specialty degree in Business Administration and Computer Science, Business Administration and International Relations, or Business Cinematic Arts (BCA).

Within Business Administration, you can choose an emphasis from seven academic departments: Business Communication, Data Sciences and Operations, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Finance and Business Economics, Leventhal School of Accounting, Management and Organization, or Marketing. 

Every step of the way, our world-class administration is here to act as mentors. They’ll recommend the right classes and opportunities to help create a truly custom education.

A legendary future

A flexible education means that you will have the opportunity to study exactly the type of business you want to pursue after graduation. We believe that when students have the option to choose their own paths, legendary careers are made.

Turning a triple major into a career at Citibank

He hadn't planned on completing three majors in his four years at Marshall, but that's exactly what 2012 alumnus Andrew Kwan did. Kwan graduated with degrees in Business Administration, Accounting, and Sociology, and he now works at Citibank in their private banking division. Hear what he has to say about how his customized education helped him land his dream job.