Experiential Learning Opportunities

Think outside the classroom. Way, way outside of it.

You can see the whole world from here.

Classroom-based learning is just one part of a Marshall education. We believe in experiential learning: the idea that the best learning happens through active and engaging exercises. In Fertitta Hall, you can find the Experiential Learning Center, better known as the ELC. The center provides Marshall students with opportunities to practice their interpersonal and management skills to prepare them for careers in business.


Because of USC Marshall’s vast network of partners and alumni, Marshall students take their education off campus as well. For example, under the guidance of professor Lisa Cavanaugh, marketing and advertising students created a full-scale marketing campaign for the LA Kings.


USC’s proximity to the tech hub of Silicon Beach, the booming entertainment industry and dozens of corporate headquarters, makes Marshall the perfect place to find the right internship. 90% of Marshall undergraduates intern at least once, at companies like:


Inside the ELC

Marshall’s Experiential Learning Center (ELC) promotes learning through active and engaging exercises. At the ELC, students become drivers of their own learning, participating in “business-like” scenarios and receiving immediate feedback by reviewing their video recorded behaviors

Experiential Learning Center: The behavioral learning laboratory made for business minds

In this video, you will hear from Gita Govahi, Assistant Dean of Instruction and Research, about the value of experiential learning at Marshall. What potential does Govahi see in the ELC for students? "You become totally disconnected from your phones and your electronics. Instead you become connected to each other and to the learning process—and this is why it works."