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Fall 2018 Schedule 

Speaker Name University Paper Title Date Time Location
Steven Monahan INSEAD Price Informativeness in the Time Series & the Cross Section 9/7 10-11:30 AM ACC 201
Miklos Vasarhelyi Rutgers TBD 9/14 10-11:30 AM ACC 201

Terrence Blackburne


Brandon Gipper


Ahmed Tahoun

University of Washington




London Business School

Which Factors Accelerate the Voluntary Disclosure of Bad News?


Fraudulent Financial Reporting & the Consequences for Employees 





9-11:40 AM


1:30-2:40 PM

ACC 201

Cassandra Estep


Frank Heflin



Christina Zhu



University of Georgia 




Does Psychological Ownership Improve Team Member Contributions? 


Crowdsourced Financial Analysis & Information Asymmetry at Earnings Announcements 


Peer Group Choice & Chief Executive Officer Compensation 


9-11:40 AM


1:30-2:40 PM

ACC 201
Sarah McVay University of Washington    11/16 10-11:30 AM ACC 201
Michelle Hanlon  MIT   11/30 10-11:30 AM ACC 201


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