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IBEAR Faculty

The USC Marshall IBEAR faculty is made up of leading scholars from a diverse array of business backgrounds and academic disciplines. Each is dedicated to building a truly unique experience for IBEAR students. Some IBEAR professors also teach in USC Marshall's other MBA programs, bringing their vast experiences to the IBEAR MBA classroom. The program's faculty functions as one team with a common objective - developing and refining your critical thinking, problem solving, communications and leadership skills. They meet regularly to coordinate materials, review content, and evaluate your progress.

To learn more about the USC Marshall IBEAR MBA faculty members, follow the links below:

Term 1:

Jolanta Aritz
Communication for Management
Thomas W. Lin
Accounting Concepts & Financial Reporting
Judith Blumenthal
Strategic Formulation for Competitive Advantage
James Cunningham
Microeconomics for Management
Arif Ansari
Data and Decision Models

Term 2:

Christine El Haddad
Strategic Issues for Global Business
Lloyd Levitin
Corporate Finance
Jonathan Yormark
Operations Management
Dennis Schorr
Marketing Management

Term 3:

Kyung Kyu Kim
Digital Transformation in the Global Enterprise
Peter Carnevale
Negotiation and Deal Making
Vincenzo Quadrini
Theory of International Trade
Fatemeh Ibrahimi-Nazarian
The Firm in the National & International Economy
Carl Voigt
Managerial Perspectives (Leadership)

Term 4:

Jeremy Dann
Introduction to New Ventures
Bob Kiddoo and Smrity Randhawa
International Business Consulting Project
Lloyd Levitin
Financial Analysis and Valuation
C.W. Park
Global Marketing (Branding)

Term 5:

Bob Kiddoo and Smrity Randhawa
International Business Consulting Project
Mohammad Safarzadeh
Forecasting and Risk Analysis
Diane Badame
New Product Development
Arif Ansari
Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining


Marshall Spotlight

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For Dhiraj Malik, the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR MBA was not so much a stepping-stone as a “personal turn around.” He had been working in India and the Middle East in sales and marketing for over ten years, but at the age of 34, felt that life was too predictable. “Wanting something more was what prompted me to take a break and attend IBEAR,” he explained. “I thought, there’s got to be something more that I could do.”