University of Southern California

Voices of GEMBA

Throughout the program, I accomplished professional and personal milestones while developing close friendships with fellow Trojans along the way. The curriculum has given me the relevant tools to succeed and the professors created an engaging environment to flourish in. I am very fortunate and proud to be a part of GEMBA."
David Koo, GEMBA I
Director, Disney Consumer Products

“Starting my career as a technical person, I knew bits and pieces about business, but the GEMBA program gave me a systematic training and understanding of business at the strategic, general managerial level. GEMBA became the foundation of a major transformation for me. I became much more confident—moving beyond the merely technical to becoming a strategic business leader. I attribute much of the rapid growth of my career to my GEMBA experience.”
Shuhui Peng, GEMBA I
General Manager, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Chomerics Asia Pacific Division

“GEMBA has a first-rate faculty—the best professors from the Marshall School of Business—experts in their fields. They are not just focused on showing you what they know, but also on making sure you understand what you need to know. I gained greater knowledge of the different aspects of doing business globally, learning about key issues in finance, marketing, strategy and many more. Years after graduation, I am still very happy that I joined GEMBA.”
Charles Tebbutt, GEMBA III
Asia-Pacific Manager, Sauer-Danfoss

“As a venture capitalist in China, I must travel a lot. GEMBA’s schedule was flexible enough for me to manage my studies and my work responsibilities. But I also found that, through the strong network of both USC and Jiao Tong University, I was able to develop some very high quality deal flows through the networks.”
Roman Shaw, GEMBA III
Managing Partner, DT Capital Partner

“GEMBA gave me the personal community, knowledge and confidence to proceed in Asia’s cross-cultural business environment.”
Mary Ling, GEMBA IV
Senior Program Manager, Apple China

“Even as a student in the first year, I was able to directly apply my GEMBA experience to my business development. Ever since then, the GEMBA program has proven a solid foundation for my sustainable career growth. GEMBA also expanded my network. I became part of USC’s world-famous Trojan Family of alumni, in addition to becoming an alumnus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I made life-long friendships with my classmates—55 students from 15 countries— who will always be able to share with me their diverse insights on various business challenges.”
Sonny Shen, GEMBA V
Senior Director, Edelman Public Relations

“Skills, relationships and contacts – it all come together in the USC GEMBA program. I certainly encourage anyone considering joining to do so. The experience is something you will cherish and value for the rest of your career and the rest of your life.”
Dan Galler, GEMBA VI
Executive Director, International Academy of Film & Television

“As a private wealth portfolio manager, my work is mostly about finance. The GEMBA program has given me exposure to aspects of business I don’t otherwise gain, such as the challenges and opportunities on a factory floor, or developing a multinational brand in mainland China. The finance-related components of the program were valuable for me, as they help me bolster my systematic understanding of the field as well as the latest developments, but it’s the non-finance components that I feel are delivering huge ROI for me, because I can use my greatly expanded understanding of business to more dynamically interact with my clients and boost the performance of their portfolios.”
Howard Wen, GEMBA VII
Vice President, International Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

“To me, the ROI of GEMBA can be expressed in three simple words: asking better questions. The GEMBA experience has given me such a broad-based and in-depth business perspective that I find I’m consistently able to ask better questions about what I see in my working environment, and that by articulating such questions I can drive better results from my team. Asking better questions has also proven valuable to me personally – my ability to express a greater understanding of business at the leadership level has gained me access to a remarkable promotion – my GEMBA studies have been a major contributor to this major career step.”
Martin Daffner, GEMBA VII
Director of Research and Development, Asia Pacific, TE Connectivity, Telecom Networks Division