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Recent Faculty Publications

Do PCAOB Inspections Improve the Quality of Internal Control Audits? 2015
Zombie fans, Second Screen, and Television Audiences: Redefining Parasociality as Technoprosociality in AMC’s #Talking Dead 2015
How Adopting New Performance Measures Affects Subjective Performance Evaluations: Evidence from EVA Adoption by Chinese State-Owned Enterprises 2015
The Role of Supply Chain Information in Analyst Forecast RevisionsFinancial Analysts Use Supply Chain Information in Revising Their Earnings Forecasts? 2015
Learning to Change: The Effect of Prior Ties on Contract Change 2015
When is Distress Risk Priced? Corporate Failure and the Business Cycle 2015
The Informational Role of Product Trade-Ins for Pricing Durable Goods 2015