University of Southern California

Francesca Valsesia
Ph.D. student in Marketing

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

M.S. with distinction, Political Science and Political Economy; M.S. summa cum laude, Economics and Management; B.S. Economics and Management


Francesca is a Marketing Ph.D. student at the USC Marshall School of Business. Her research interests are: judgment and decision making, consumer identity, social influence, and consumption of cultural goods


Nunes, J., Ordanini, A., and Valsesia, F. (2015) "The Power of Repetition: Repetitive Lyrics in a Song Increase Processing Fluency and Drive Market Success," 25 (2), 187-199.
Valsesia, F., Nunes, J. C., and Ordanini, A. (2015) "What Wins Awards Is Not Always What I Buy: How Creative Control Affects Authenticity and Thus Recognition (But Not Liking),".