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Society Business Lab Courses

Many courses at the Marshall School of Business include cases on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics.  The following classes specifically target those topics.

BAEP 564 Investing in Impact Ventures Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business
BAEP 591 Social Entrepreneurship
MOR 566 Environmental Sustainability and Competitive Advantage

Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship
Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business

BAEP 471 Social Innovation Design Lab
BAEP 491 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
BAEP 460 Global Entrepreneurship
BUCO 425 The Ethical Practice of Business as a Profession
BUCO 485 Business Communication Management for Nonprofits
BUAD 498 Business Field Experience
MOR 499 Business and Environmental Sustainability

Undergraduate Minor in Social Entrepreneurship

BAEP 591: Social Entrepreneurship
Prof. Adlai Wertman

Course Description: As traditional resources to address critical social, environmental and health-related issues dwindle, the world is turning toward 'business models' as the solution. Social enterprises are entities - both private and non-profit - that are created and managed to achieve a mission.

This class will focus on the various 'social enterprise' models that are being analyzed, from micro-finance to job development. We will also learn about the social entrepreneurs who are creating these new models. As we delineate the differences between various definitions of 'social enterprise,' we will delve into some basic issues regarding the difference between socially responsible companies, for-profit and non-profit-run enterprises.

The course will be a combination of lecture and case studies in order to bring real-life examples into the classroom. Guest speakers will share their own experiences and challenges and, depending on class size, field trips will be included. The final project will be an interview with a social entrepreneur. Expect a lively and engaging conversation as we learn the true challenges and potential solutions to critical global needs.

Spring 2012 BAEP 591 Design Thinking for the Base of the Pyramid Exercise  

MOR 566: Environmental Sustainability and Competitive Advantage
Prof. Paul Adler

Course Description: Key environmental sustainability challenges and opportunities for business. The interaction of environmental, political, economic and social forces shaping the strategy and conduct of business.

This course explores four broad sets of questions: (1) What is sustainability? Why should we care? How sustainable is our current path of economic development? How urgent is the challenge?
(2) What are the forces driving change in business conduct? How is business affected by finite resources? social movements? government regulation? institutional factors?
(3) Under the pressure of these forces, what new strategies and practices can firms adopt — in operations, technologies, product design, marketing, and non-market activities?
(4) Will these changes in business conduct suffice? What will it take for us to meet the challenge of sustainability? How do we navigate the competing perspectives on the political-economy of sustainability?