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The research mission of the Greif Center is to develop, support, and disseminate leading-edge interdisciplinary scholarship in the entrepreneurship area. Such scholarship will meet the highest standards of scientific rigor and will examine questions and problems that are central to the practice of entrepreneurship.

To achieve this mission, the Greif Center organizes and supports a wide range of research-related activities.

  • The Greif Seminar Series brings leading entrepreneurship researchers to the Marshall School to present their recent work.

  • Greif-sponsored Conferences bring together academics from around the world to present and discuss recent research.

  • The Greif Research Impact Award is an annual award given to the researchers who published the most impactful entrepreneurship article six years ago in the top management and entrepreneurship journals. Underlying the award is a database that tracks the publication and citation of entrepreneurship articles. You can view key results from this Entrepreneurship Research Impact Database on our website.

  • The Greif Center maintains an extensive network of affiliated Research Faculty and Doctoral Students from across the Marshall School and USC to promote interdisciplinary research in entrepreneurship. You can view recent entrepreneurship-related Research Papers on our website.

  • The Greif Center provides research support to faculty members for entrepreneurship-related projects through its annual Faculty Research Awards. In 2014 we have three faculty award winners from three different areas at Marshall, attesting to the breadth of the entrepreneurship research.

    • Leventhal School of Accounting: Assistant Professor Maria Loumioti.
      Her research is titled "The liquidation value of intellectual property" her research has implications for how entrepreneurs who invest in innovation gain access to financing.
    • Finance and Business Economics: Assistant Professor Yanhui Wu.
      "Leverage Knowledge to Spur Entrepreneurial Ventures: Talent Management and Performance of Venture Capital Firms".
    • Management and Organization: Assistant Professor Shon Hiatt.
      "Manu Militari: New Venture Ties to Coercive Institutions in Emerging Economies"
  • Each year, the Greif Center awards a $2,500 scholarship to a USC doctoral student for research work in the field of entrepreneurship. The 2014 winner of the Greif Doctoral Student Research Award was Shijie Lu from Marketing Department. His dissertation title is "A two-sided analysis for behavioral targeted advertising".