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Graduate Certificate in Technology Commercialization

The Certificate in Technology Commercialization provides students with a unique opportunity to learn commercialization skills in a real world environment that combines theory and practice. Students participate in this living laboratory program to experience the entire spectrum of the commercialization process: invention, product development, technical and market feasibility analysis, intellectual property acquisition, business design, and venture funding while potentially becoming stakeholders in a new technology venture. They are also eligible to apply for internships sponsored by industry partners to give them additional experience in taking a new technology to market.

Who Should Do the Certificate Program?

The certificate program is particularly suited to masters and PhD candidates in science, engineering, and business, but we encourage students from other disciplines who are interested in technology businesses to apply. You do not need to be a matriculated student to undertake the program, so individuals who hold graduate degrees and work in industry are welcome to apply.

The completed certificate is awarded by USC and is documented on the graduate’s transcript.

What is Required?

Three required courses and one elective are offered. Students benefit from faculty in science, engineering, and business to guide them.

The required courses are:

BAEP 557 (3 Sp) Technology Commercialization
BAEP 556 (3 Fa) Technology Feasibility
BAEP 559 (3 Fa/Sp) Investing in New Ventures

Elective courses include:

BAEP 553 (3 Fa/Sp) Cases in New Venture Management
MOR 561 (3) Strategies in High-Tech Businesses
ISE 585 (3 Sp) Strategic Management of Technology
ISE 555 (3 Sp) Invention and Technology Development
ISE 515 (3 Fa/Sp/Sm) Engineering Project Management

Click here for details on these courses. Substitutions for an elective are approved only in rare circumstances such as a course being cancelled.

For current USC graduate students, courses credited to the Graduate Certificate in Technology Commercialization may be completed in conjunction with course work required for the program in which the student is already enrolled. Applicability of TC courses to the student’s primary degree program is determined by the student’s home department. For USC alumni, courses completed in conjunction with the individual’s prior degree may not be credited toward the certificate. Appropriate substitutions for required courses will be determined and documented by the program director.

Non-matriculated individuals with graduate degrees are also welcome to apply to the program. Click here for additional information. This certificate program requires that you go through the admission process as if you're applying to the school to ensure a permanent record at USC. The application can be found at

Tech Feasibility

In this applied course, students experience the uncertainty, ambiguity, and chaos of creating an opportunity, developing a new product/service offering, designing a new business, and iterating a business model as they receive input from customers, potential partners, competitors, and other stakeholders.

About the class:
BAEP 556: Technology Feasibility