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The USC Marshall EMBA faculty is made up of leading scholars from a diverse array of business backgrounds and disciplines. Each is dedicated to building a truly unique experience for EMBA students. Although some EMBA professors teach in USC Marshall's other MBA programs, you'll find that each faculty member teaches classes within the distinct EMBA context, integrating material with that of other professors to create a cohesive learning experience in each theme. The program's faculty function as one team with a common objective - developing and refining your leadership skills. They meet regularly to coordinate materials, review content, and evaluate your progress.

Our faculty's work extends well beyond the case room and lecture hall. Many serve as consultants to a broad range of companies, both Fortune 500 and smaller. This is where much of our curriculum innovation comes from - our professors are in tune with what's really going in business. The inevitable intersection between practice and academia creates a learning environment that fosters both insight for innovative ways to improve business as it is practiced today and foresight for future curriculum changes.

To learn more about the USC Marshall EMBA faculty members, follow the links below:

Faculty Member USC Marshall Department
Arvind Bhambri Management and Organization
Judith Blumenthal Management and Organization
Tim Campbell Finance and Business Economics
Baizhu Chen Finance and Business Economics
Jim Cunningham Finance and Business Economics
Mark DeFond Accounting
Gene Delvecchio Marketing
Dave Logan Management and Organization
Morgan McCall Management and Organization
Steve Mednick Entrepreneurial Studies
Steve Moyer Finance and Business Economics
Greg Patton Management Communication
Julia Plotts Finance and Business Economics
Dawn Porter Data Sciences and Operations
Nandini Rajagopalan Management and Organization
Raj Rajagopalan Data Sciences and Operations
Henry Wasiak Marketing
Mark Young Accounting

Faculty (1:12)

Scott Porter
Ernst & Young