Operations Management

Elective Course Guide

Description of careers for which concentration prepares students:
The Operations Management concentration prepares students for careers in manufacturing, service operations, merchandizing, distribution and logistics, and management consulting. Students concentrating in this area typically pursue careers at firms in a variety of industries such as Johnson and Johnson, Universal Studios, Mattel, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, UPS, Black and Decker, Ernst and Julio Gallo, Honeywell, etc. as well as in consulting. Successful alumni pursuing careers in Operations in the corporate world start out as Operations Analysts and rise to the level of VP of Operations or COO before becoming CEO.


     • Retail (Amazon, etc.)
     • Logistics and Distribution (UPS, FedEx, etc.)
     • Consumer Goods (Nestle, P&G, etc.)
     • Health Care (Amgen, Kaiser, Anthem, etc.)
     • Aerospace (Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, etc.)
     • Consumer Electronics (Apple, HP, Cisco, etc.)
     • Manufacturing (Tesla, etc.)
     • Project & Program Management
     • Product Management
     • Sourcing and Demand Planning (Mattel, Nestle, Amgen, etc.)

Description of the academic content and requirements for concentration:
The Operations Management concentration helps a student understand the nature of flow of goods and services across the globe and the interrelated nature of the various activities in operations in order to be competitive in cost, responsiveness, flexibility, quality and customer service. The DSO department offers various electives that allow the students to concentrate in Operations and specialize in a particular sub-area, depending on their career interests. 

For example, students interested in pursuing a career in supply chain management would take DSO-581 (Supply Chain Management) and then would typically take two or more of the following courses - DSO-522, DSO-547, DSO-580, or DSO-583. A student interested in operations in a service firm such as a bank or healthcare would take DSO-582 (Management of Service Operations) and then take three out of the following courses - DSO-522, DSO-547, DSO-580, and DSO-583.

The concentration provides considerable flexibility to the student to tailor the elective courses to their career interests. All the courses combine rigor with relevance. Students learn fundamental concepts and tools that can help a manager make better operational decisions and, through the use of real-world examples, case studies, simulation games and team projects, students learn to apply the concepts and tools they learn to real business situations.

The DSO faculty teaching many of these courses have received numerous teaching honors, including several Golden Apple Teaching awards.

Required for the Concentration:
     DSO-581: Supply Chain Management (3 units) or
     DSO-582: Service Management: Economics and Operations (3)

     DSO-549 Application of Lean Six Sigma (3)

Electives (Choose from the the following to total 12 units):
     DSO-522: Applied Time Series Analysis for Forecasting (1.5 or 3)
     DSO-530: Applied Modern Statistical Learning Methods (3)
     DSO-547: Designing Spreadsheet-Based Business Models (3)
     DSO-580: Project Management ((3)
     DSO-583: Operations Consulting (3)