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Elective Course Guide

Contact Information

  • For more information regarding registration for graduate elective courses, (e.g., wait lists; Independent Study application forms; the registration process, etc.), please contact the Marshall Graduate Registration office via phone at (213) 740-5424 or email at

  • For more information regarding the policies and procedures that relate to applying specific courses to your degree please contact your program academic adviser.

  • For information regarding a specific course (e.g., obtaining a copy of the syllabus or whether additional sections of a course will be offered in a given semester), you should contact the department that offers the course.  The various departments and their locations and phone numbers are listed below:

Accounting (ACCT) ACC 101 (213) 740-4838
Business Entrepreneurship (BAEP) JFF 5th Floor (213) 740-0641
Management Communication (BUCO) ACC 400 (213) 740-0627
Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)  BRI 308 (213) 740-0172
Finance and Business Economics (FBE) HOH 231 (213) 740-6515
Management and Organization (MOR) HOH 431 (213) 740-0728
Marketing (MKT) HOH 3rd Floor (213) 740-5033
Cinematic Arts (CNTV, CTPR) SCA 235 (213) 740-4432
Communication Management (CMGT) ASC 140 (213) 740-0900
Sol Price School of Public Policy RGL 108 (213) 740-6842


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