Undergraduate Major Elective Course

Undergraduate Major Elective Course

Major - Electives

324 The Financial System (4, Fa)

Financial intermediaries in the flow of funds; aggregate financial asset analysis; money markets and interest rates; government debt and its economic effects.
Prerequisite: BUAD 350 or BUAD 351

391 Real Estate Finance and Investment (was 365)

Emphasizes valuation, projections, measurement of performance, financing, investment analysis, deal structure and taxes. Provides the framework for analyzing real estate at the project level. Some discussion of real estate entities. Requires the use of ARGUS 8.0, a real estate investment software package used throughout the library.

400x Introduction to Real Estate Finance and Development Economics (4)

Case analysis examining economic and financial aspects of real estate decisions for non-business major. Focuses on dynamics of financing, markets and the development process. Open to all majors. Not available for credit as a senior options course for business majors or for students in the real estate option.

402 Government and Business (4)

American mixed capitalism, welfare, market failure, and the role of government in business; regulation and the public utilities, antitrust policy, and current topics in regulation-deregulation.

421 Financial Analysis and Valuation (4, FaSp)

This course develops and uses tools of financial analysis to evaluate the performance and assess the value of individual companies in an industry context.
Prerequisite: BAUD 306

427 Real Estate Law (4, FaSp)

Principles of law regarding real property transactions; buyer-seller, debtor-creditor, landlord-tenant relationships; environmental law and land use control; investments and syndication.

428m Principles of Employment Law (4, Fa)

This course presents a comprehensive treatment of employment and labor law topics. The course commences with a review of the common law governing the employment relationship and proceeds to address the significant federal and state laws and regulations affecting that relationship.

429 International Business Law (4, Sp)

This course will require students to consider how the markets, people, and placed involved in trade, commerce, and exchanges throughout the world influences international business. Students will become aware of the effect that different cultural, political, and economic aspects of business have on each other.

431 Financial Policies and Corporate Control (4, Fa)

Provide student with a solid foundation in the theory of modern corporate finance. Emphasis on determinants of corporate debt and dividend policies, allocation and value of corporate voting rights and alternative methods of security issuance and retirement.
Prerequisite: BUAD 306

432 Corporate Financial Strategy (4, FaSp)

Linkage between financial theory and policy and corporate strategy, the role of financial managers in developing corporate strategy; applications of concepts and techniques using cases.
Prerequisite: BAUD 306

436 Financial Management of Multinational Corporations (4, FaSpSm)

International scope and dimension of financial planning; working capital management; financing and investment decisions of multinational corporations.
Prerequisite: BAUD 306

437 Financial Management for Developing Firms (4, Fa)

Internal financial management of developing firms. Cash flow analysis; capital budgeting; sources of financing; risk analysis; measurement of profits; and mergers and acquisitions.

440 Trading and Exchanges (4, Sp)

Theories, practices, and technologies of trading at exchanges and in dealer networks. Sources of liquidity, volatility, profitability, and institutional change. Domestic and international public policy issues.
Prerequisite: BAUD 306

441 Investments (4, FaSpSm)

Theories and applications of investment decision making; the behavior of security prices, portfolio theory, asset pricing models, market efficiency, bond valuation and term structure, derivative securities.
Prerequisite: BAUD 306

443 Introduction to Forecasting and Risk Analysis (4)

Introduction to econometric tools and version of Capital Asset Pricing Models to estimate financial risk, stock market risk premia and to project economic activity.
Prerequisite: BUAD 306, BUAD 310

445 Topics in Economics Analysis of Business Strategy and Policy (4, Sp)

Development of economics analysis to define and analyze strategy and policy options. Topics may include pricing investment strategy using game theory, and employee compensation and motivation, or investment in emerging markets.
Prerequisite : BAUD 351

446 Advanced Topics in Portfolio Management and Investment Strategy (4, Sp)

Covers real-world topics in investment theory and practice. It bridges the gap between theory and real-world portfolio management and investment.
Prerequisite: BUAD 306

458 Law and Finance (4)

Impact of law and regulation on financial markets; securities regulation, corporate finance, financial instruments, commodities regulation, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, tender offers, and bankruptcy.

459 Financial Derivatives (4, Fa)

A rigorous introduction to the pricing and corporate use of financial derivatives - futures, options, forwards, and swaps - on stocks, exchange rates, bonds, and commodities.
Prerequisite: BUAD 306

462 International Trade and Commercial Policy (4, FaSp)

Commercial policies and treaty relationships; examination of export-import problems and national policies influencing world trade and finance.
Prerequisite: ECON 203, ECON 205

464 International Finance (4, FaSp)

Introduction to the international financial system: foreign currency spot, forward, futures, options markets; exchange rate determination under flexible and fixed rate regimes; foreign exchange risk and elementary hedging techniques; Eurobanking.
Prerequisite: BUAD 310, BUAD 350

466 Management of Real Property Development (4, Sp)

Case study analysis of real estate development, combining consideration of macroeconomics, finance, legal aspects, marketing, and construction technology. Development proposals will be prepared and presented.
Prerequisite: FBE 489, CE 460, and completion of a summer internship

470 Advanced topics in Real Estate Finance (was 465)

Allows in depth analysis of various current topic areas in real estate finance including appraisal, portfolio analysis, real options, workouts, entity choice and international issues. In general, these are topics which the structure of FBE 489 and 391 does not permit adequate exposure.

489 Real Estate Finance and Investments (4, FaSp)

Emphasizes residential and commercial mortgages, mortgage-backed securities markets, REITs and real estate operating companies along with private sources of capital. Primary focus on secondary market activity including CMBss and conduits and the evolution of the REIT sector. Includes analysis of international developments in secondary market activity.

4 = 4 units of credit. Fa = Fall semester, Sp = Spring semester, Sm = Summer semester. These indicate in which semester(s) each class is normally taught.