Required Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Graduate - Required

511 Managerial Economics (2-3, FaSm)

Microeconomic theory with business applications; consumer demand, production theory, cost theory, and market theory; decision-making within the firm under different market and regulatory environments.

513 Business and its Nonmarket Environment (3)

Explores the complex interrelationships between business and its socio-political environment.

521ab Corporate Finance (2-1, FaSp)

a: Basic principles of corporate finance; theory and application; management of short-term and long-term assets; financial instruments and markets; financial policy applications. Graded IP.
b: Continuation of a. ( Duplicates credit in GSBA 548.)
Recommended preparation: GSBA 510.

526 The National and International Economy (2, FaSp)

National and international political and economic forces influencing the firm; tools of macroeconomic analysis; the effects of government fiscal and monetary policies. ( Duplicates credit in GSBA 544 and GSBA 549.)

548 Corporate Finance (3, FaSp)

Modern theory of corporate investment and financing decisions.( Duplicates credit in GSBA 521ab.)
Recommended preparation: introductory finance course.

549 The Firm in the National and International Economy (3, Sp)

The economic environment of business and international forces influencing the firm. ( Duplicates credit in GSBA 526 and GSBA 544.)