Graduate Elective Courses

Graduate Elective Courses

Graduate - Electives

524 The Financial System (3, FaSpSm)

Financial intermediaries in the flow of funds; aggregate financial asset analysis; money markets and interest rates; government debt and its economic effects.
Prerequisite: GSBA 511; GSBA 521b or GSBA 548; GSBA 526 or GSBA 549.

525 Financial Institutions (3, FaSp)

Application of economic and financial analytic techniques to the managerial problems of financial institutions in the modern market environment.
Recommended preparation: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

526 Macroeconomic Analysis for Business (3, Sp)

The economic environment of business: American economic and social goals and policies and their impact on business; growth, stability, and the new priorities; international forces influencing business.
Recommended preparation: GSBA 511.

527 Financial Management for Developing Firms (3, FaSp)

Internal financial management of developing firms. Cash flow analysis; capital budgeting; sources of financing; risk analysis; measurement of profits; and mergers and acquisitions.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

529 Financial Analysis and Valuation (3, FaSp)

An applications-oriented course to develop the financial and accounting tools required to do financial planning valuation and assessment of financial performance.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

531 Corporate Financial Policy and Corporate Control (3, Fa)

Theory of modern corporate finance; determinants of corporate debt and dividend policies, allocation and value of corporate voting rights and alternative methods of security issuance and retirement.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

532 Corporate Financial Strategy (3, FaSp)

Linkage between financial theory and policy and corporate strategy; the role of financial managers in developing corporate strategy; applications of concepts and techniques using cases.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

533 Compensation, Incentives, and Governance (3, Sp)

Examines the conflict of interest between shareholders and managers or between employers and employees; explores how compensation, incentives, and governance systems can mitigate inherent information asymmetries and "agency costs"; applications of concepts and techniques using cases.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

535 Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities (3, FaSp)

The basic principles underlying fixed income securities and how these principles apply to the practical aspects of fixed income management.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b OR GSBA 548

543 Forecasting and risk Analysis (3, Irregular)

Application of econometric tols and versions of capital Asset Pricing Models to estimate financial risk and stock market risk premia for portfolio management.
Prerequisite: GSBA 511 and GSBA 521.

554 Trading and Exchanges (3)

Theories, practices, and technologies of trading at exchanges and in dealer networks. Sources of liquidity, volatility, profitability, and institutional change. Domestic and international public policy issues.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

555 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (3, FaSpSm)

Analysis and management of common stocks and fixed income securities; development of modern portfolio theory and the efficient market hypothesis; organization of securities markets.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

556 Advances Topics in Portfolio Management (3, Sp)

A case oriented course focuses on current changes in the investment industry, risk, and analytics of different portfolio strategies, globalization, international diversification, market efficiency and performance measurement.
Prerequisite: FBE 555

557 Business and the Law: Concepts and Applications (3, FaSp)

Examination of legal issues affecting business operations, including contracts, employment, product liability, white collar crime, and anti-trust law.

558 The Legal Environment of Finance (3, FaSp)

Impact of law and regulation on financial institutions, markets, and securities; corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy, regulation of banks and other industries. Prerequisite: GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

559 Management of Financial Risk (3, Fa)

Analysis of commodity, futures, and options contracts; theoretical and empirical approaches; spot and futures price relationships, speculation and hedging strategies; market efficiency.
Recommended preparation: GSBA 521 or GSBA 548.

562 Current Issues in International Finance (3, FaSp)

International monetary relations, financial markets, and institutions; theory and evidence of alternative approaches to balance of payments; current policy evaluation.
Recommended preparation: GSBA 511 and GSBA 526 or GSBA 549.

563 Theory of International Trade (3, Sp)

Comparative advantage and gains from trade; factor proportions and efficiency; factor price equalization; terms of trade; tariffs, customs, unions and trade agreements.
Recommended preparation: GSBA 511 and GSBA 526 or GSBA 549.

564 International Financial Management (3, FaSp)

Financial management of the multinational firm; legal entities and taxation abroad; risk in foreign operations; strategies in foreign exchange, money and capital markets and institutions.
Prerequisite : GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

565 Economics of Urban Land Use: Feasibility Studies (3, Fa)

Economic, market and financial analysis related to feasibility of real estate development; theory and case analysis.
Prerequisite : FBE 589 or GSBA 511 or GSBA 521b or GSBA 548.

570 Advance Topics in Real Estate Finance (3, Sp)

Current topics in real estate finance including source of equity and debt, in the role of capital market, REITs, counits, portfolio analysis, and acquisition of distressed assets. Cause and analytic methods.
Prerequisite:GSBA 521b or GSBA 548; recommended preparation: FBE 591

571 Introduction to Financial Analysis : Practicum (3, Sp)

This introductory financial analysis ( tools, techniques) practicum, emphasizes practical application of asset valuation and portfolio management techniques for those with little previous experience. (Duplicates credit in FBE 572 and FBE 573.)
Graded CR/NC.
Prerequisite: GSBA 548 or GSBA 521b.

572 Intermediate Financial Analysis: Practicum (3, Sp)

This practicum emphasizes asset valuation, including applications of tools and inputs (including economics, accounting, and quantitative techniques) in asset valuation for those with prior experience. (Duplicates credit in FBE 571 and FBE 573.)
Graded CR/NC.
Prerequisite: GSBA 548 or GSBA 521b.

573 Advanced Financial Analysis: Practicum (3, Sp)

This is an advanced practicum emphasizing portfolio management skills, including applied strategies ( tools, inputs) in equity and fixed-income management for those with extensive prior experience. (Duplicates credit in FBE 571 and FBE 572.)
Graded CR/NC.
Prerequisite: GSBA 548 or GSBA 521b.

588 Advanced Real Estate Law (3, Sp)

Legal aspects of real estate transactions; partnerships, syndicates, and other ownership forms. Legal aspects of land use control, zoning and environmental impact reports.

589 Mortgages and Mortgage-Backed Securities and Market (3, Fa)

Valuation and analysis of residential and commercial mortgages and mortgage-backed Securities and related market.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521 b or GSBA 548.

590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm)

Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department.
Graded CR/NC.

591 Real Estate Finance and Investment (3, Fa)

Analysis of investment in and financing of real estate assets including projections,valuation, deal structure, contracts, portfolio and tax and entity considerations.
Prerequisite: GSBA 548 or GSBA 521b.

595 Advanced Real Estate Valuation: Theory and Case Studies (3, FaSp)

Cases emphasizing the income approach; projecting income and expenses; deriving and using capitalization and discount rates to determine value.
Prerequisite: GSBA 521a or GSBA 548.

597 Business Field Project in Finance and Business Economics (1-6, FaSp)

Individual or team projects solving real business problems for companies; situation analyses; research proposal composition; field research techniques; statistical analysis; oral and written presentations.
Graded CR/NC.

599 Special Topics (1-3, max 9, Irregular)

Current developments in the field of Finance and Business Economics; topics to be selected each semester.