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Masters of Science in Social Entrepreneurship

Professional Development and Advising

Master of Social Entrepreneurship (MSSE) program gives students the business knowledge and skills to make sustainable social impact.  Students graduating from the MSSE may launch a social enterprise or play a key leadership role in an existing one.  These enterprises may be stand-along ventures or embedded in existing organizations.

Graduate Career Services focuses on incorporating MSSE achievement into a career management strategy to guide them in starting or accelerating a career.

MSSE candidates can tailor career services to fit their needs, including individualized coaching and guidance on skill building, personal branding, strategic career planning, resume critiques and employment negotiations to help target a job search strategy for specific positions or companies.

Appointments with advisors may be made directly online via the My Career Services Online Portal (MCSO).

One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are available to MSSE candidates by contacting the MSSE career coach.