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Resumes and Cover Letters

VMOCKVMOCK, Marshall’s virtual resume assistant, allows Marshall graduate students to receive customized suggestions for their resume based on criteria gathered from employers and USC Marshall Resume Guidelines. This tool will analyze the format and content of your resume and provide feedback to help you refine your first draft. It’s ideal for use prior to an appointment with your career advisor.   VMock will:

  • Give you line-by-line suggestions to improve your resume content.
  • Tell you how well you have marketed your communication skills, leadership experiences and impact on your resume.
  • Score your resume based on employer criteria and Graduate Career Services resume standards.
  • Go to VMock 
    1. You will receive an invitation to signup for VMock. Click the link on the invite.
    2. You will be redirected to your VMock dashboard from where you can upload your graduate program resume template. Resume templates are also available in the MCSO Document Library.
    3. Upload your resume in PDF format. 
    4. The system will process your resume and provide a summary of resume analysis & feedback. 
    5. Click on “view feedback” blue button to see the detailed feedback.
    6. There is detailed product guidance embedded inside the system, please make sure you spend time to understand the VMock modules/features.
    7. You are now ready to start improving your resume score.

Cover Letter Guidelines

A well-crafted cover letter can get your foot in the door, and help your résumé get noticed. Our Graduate Career Services Cover and Thank-You Letter Guides provides recommendations on how to write an effective cover letter that expresses your interest in the company; your passion for the job function, industry, product or services; and highlights your skills and experiences most relevant for the position.

Graduate Career Services Policies and Guidelines

The Graduate Career Services Center seeks to maintain and enhance the reputation of the Marshall School of Business School and University of Southern California with our corporate partners and the community at large and ask our students to abide by recruiting policies and guidelines for professional conduct and Anti-Discrimination Policy.