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Business of Energy Transition Initiative

  • Color photograph of an H2 pipeline with wind energy in the background

    Business of Energy Transition Initiative

    The Business of Energy Transition Initiative (BET) brings together business leaders, faculty experts and students to advance innovative research, experiential learning, and thought leadership on the global transition to sustainable energy.

    The initiative’s mission is to develop a talent pipeline of future energy leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to develop accessible and actionable approaches to cleaner energy and ignite energy-related innovation and entrepreneurship across all industries.

Business of Sustainability

Showcase: Business of Energy Transition Initiative


The initiative is at the forefront of developing energy systems coursework at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The program will provide relevant, real-world learning opportunities and career advancement pathways for students interested in pursuing business roles revolving around energy across all industries. 

"This initiative will help us engage and equip future leaders to develop real-world, actionable, and practical approaches to energy. We need a pragmatic take on affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy in the 21st century. This initiative will identify obstacles, recognize the trade-offs and shape the future of energy through business innovation and entrepreneurship."

— Shon Hiatt

Director, Business of Energy Transition

Associate Professor of Business Administration





  • Members of the Marshall Energy & Sustainability club showing 'Fight On!'

    Marshall Energy & Sustainability Club

    MESC exists to support Marshall graduate students pursuing business roles revolving around energy, clean-tech, and sustainability across a wide range of industries. MORE

"USC's commitment to innovation in energy initiatives is a beacon of progress. We don't just lead; we shape, adapt, and redefine the future of energy transition. Our commitment to being the forerunners of new initiatives sets us apart."

Calvin Man, USC Marshall Student

Darpan Kapadia, COO of LS Power, met with undergraduate students to discuss current and future trends for the global energy transition. The event also marked the founding of the new undergraduate student club, Business of Energy Club.

"It was a tremendous pleasure hearing Dr. Clayton share his career journey and thoughts with us. It made me realize that careers become successful when well-developed skills are matched with industries that require them. I feel a renewed sense of optimism given the global energy transition will require a significant amount of human capital, and as future Marshall graduates, we are well positioned to develop these skills and make an impact."

Chris Law, CFA, MBA Candidate '25

Dr. Blake Clayton, Chief Investment Officer at Rondure Global, met with students in to discuss careers in energy.

"Southern California Edison's Pathway 2045 inspires USC students to pursue careers in renewable energy and sustainability, shaping the future of the energy sector." 

Nick Balas, MBA Candidate '25


If you are interested in learning more about the energy transition, please EMAIL us.