USC Marshall Fund

Alumni Participation Rate

Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact and positions our school for excellence.


Gifts from alumni help the USC Marshall School of Business and USC Leventhal School of Accounting remain competitive leaders in global business education. Alumni support is part of a proud tradition at USC and not only benefits students and faculty, but also increases our alumni participation rate. As our ranking increases, the value of your degree increases as well!


What is a "participation rate"?participation-rate

It is the percentage of alumni who provide financial contributions to the university during the year. This is not a measure of the size or amount of the gift, but rather the number of graduates who give. The percentage is calculated each and every year. In addition to providing financial support to the University, this participation directly affects how we are ranked against our peers. U.S. News & World Report uses the alumni participation rate as the only indicator of alumni satisfaction when it publishes its annual ranking of colleges and universities.

deans-fundUSC Marshall Fund and USC Leventhal Fund:

The dean relies on the annual support of alumni, parents and friends to the USC Marshall Fund and USC Leventhal Fund. These funds help to keep USC Marshall at the cutting edge of discovery, globalization and engagement.  These contributions give the dean the ability to "green light" initiatives that challenge students out of their comfort zones and spark the school's intellectual agenda. By making a contribution of any amount to the USC Marshall Fund or USC Leventhal Fund, you are supporting both students and faculty to achieve academic excellence and make a positive impact on their lives and our community.