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Research Fair 2021

Research Fair 2021

USC Marshall researchers present highlights of ongoing research in sixth annual Research Fair.

research fair 2021
L-R: Florenta Teodoridis; Cary Frydman; Greys Sosic; Davide Proserpio

Humans vs. technology, the market for fake online reviews, the science behind financial decision-making, and rethinking the seawater supply chain are all research topics to be explored in the sixth annual USC Marshall School of Business Research Fair, Friday, March 5.

This year’s research fair will be virtual, but event coordinators are hopeful the venue will encourage a wider audience.

“Over the course of this pandemic year, we’ve seen a silver lining in many cases that events of interest, held virtually, can attract a wider audience than otherwise might be the case,” said Gareth James, Deputy Dean, E. Morgan Stanley Chair in Business Administration and professor of data sciences and operations. “This is a golden opportunity to enjoy a highlight of each professor’s provocative research, presented by the researchers themselves. We hope all interested persons will attend.”

Faculty presenters include:

  • Greys Sošić, professor and chair of data sciences and operations

Talk title: “Rethinking Salt Supply Chains: Costs and Emissions Analysis for Co-Production of Salt and Freshwater from U.S. Seawater"

Talk title: “Organizing for Innovation: Humans vs. Technology”

  • Cary Frydman, associate professor of finance and business economics

Talk title: “Understanding Investor Mistakes: From Brain Scans to Stock Markets”

Talk title: “The Market for Fake Reviews”

USC Marshall’s Research Fair began in 2016 as a way to showcase Marshall’s significant thought leadership across business disciplines. Originally open only to faculty and staff, the event broadened in 2020 to include faculty from outside universities and members of the press. Attendees also included incoming dean Geoff Garrett.

The event was one of the last Marshall events prior to the campus shutdown due to COVID-19.

“We’ve been working remotely since then, but new research has not slowed down at all,” said James.

Register for the 2021 Research Fair here.