NSF Sponsors Neely Center Summer School On Decision Making In Large Systems

Post Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Summer School on Decision-Making in Large Systems

Funded by the National Science Foundation

PI: Ali Abbas aliabbas@usc.edu

Venue: Viterbi School of Engineering, Price School of Public Policy

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Date: June 24th – 29th, 2018

The University of Southern California, with funding support from the National Science Foundation, will be hosting a six-day Summer School in June 2018 that will introduce graduate students to the foundations of decision making in large systems.

This summer school is developed in direct response to needs expressed through various NSF-sponsored workshops. The school will provide an intensive and interactive educational experience to graduate students who are interested in studying decision making in the context of engineering design and systems engineering. It is specifically intended to provide educational opportunities for students from graduate programs that do not have appropriate coursework in this area. The summer school will cover theoretical and practical issues. It will provide students with foundational understanding about how to conduct research in decision making in design and systems engineering; create a network of peers who are studying these issues, and advance community research standards.

It is anticipated that the summer school will have a broad impact in the research community, including other NSF-supported research projects, by advancing training and standards in this area of research. Through the National Science Foundation support, full (and partial) scholarships will be made available to 20 students to cover travel, housing, and program costs.  The full scholarship provides students with funding for travel, accommodation, food and program costs. The partial scholarship covers food, accommodation and program costs only. Travel and participation scholarships will serve to ensure a broad participation that maximizes community impact. Travel and participation scholarships will serve to ensure a broad participation that maximizes community impact. Limited spaces are also available for students who do not receive scholarship support.

Objectives of the Summer School

  1. To provide graduate students with the foundations needed to enable them to conduct formal research in decision making in systems engineering design.
  2. To provide online resources through a web site that will compile a list of papers, references, and lecture material for graduate students around the nation.
  3. To develop a cohort and a network of graduate students exposed to formal decision making methods in systems engineering and design.
  4. To provide graduate students with the opportunity to meet with other academics and industry experts.

To apply for the summer school and scholarships, please email the following documents to aliabbas@usc.edu by December 30th, 2017:

  • A letter of application (two-page limit) explaining
    • How the workshop would benefit you in your research,
    • Your plans for sharing the material with your colleagues.
    • A topic related to decision making in systems engineering and design that you would like to discuss.
    • Request for financial support if needed.
  • A letter of support from your academic advisor
  • Current C.V.

Topics covered include

  • Characterizing uncertainty in a systems engineering and design environment
  • Building Preference – Value – Utility models for systems engineering and design
  • Introducing the basic axioms of decision making, and methods to analyze flawed methods of decision making
  • Research methodologies for decision making in systems engineering and design
  • Future research directions
  • Practical applications of decision making in systems engineering featuring guest speakers from industry and academia