Strategic Decision Making In Organizations

David and Jim MathesonDavid and Jim Matheson are authors of the bestselling book, The Smart Organization: Creating Value through Strategic R & D (Harvard Business School Press).  Both have helped senior management teams from some of the largest corporations in the world to improve their results from strategy, portfolio management, product development, innovation, R&D, and capital investment.  David is known for finding simple answers to some of the most complicated strategic business issues.  He is an expert at measuring value and managing uncertainty.  He routinely presents at product innovation and portfolio management conferences. He is a Fellow with the Society of Decision Professionals. His Ph. D. is from Stanford University where he teaches Strategic Portfolio Management.  Jim is a world recognized leader in the development and application of decision analysis.  In recognition of his career, he was awarded the Ramsey Medal, the highest honor in the field of decision analysis, for creating and managing the world’s first decision analysis group at SRI International and for decades of contribution to the principles and applications of decision analysis.  In addition to his professional practice, Dr. Matheson has been a Consulting Professor in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University since 1967.  He holds a BS from the Carnegie-Mellon University, an MS and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, and is a Fellow of INFORMS and of the Society of Decision Professionals. 

Course Description: 

Strategic Decision Making in Organizations is hard because the problems are usually complex, alternatives are numerous, many people are involved with different interests and perspectives. Yet good decisions that align people in a powerful direction can have huge impact. This two and a half day course will present the skills and process for making strategic decisions within organizations. Learn how to identify strategic goals, conceive of possible ways to achieve them, focus on the path with the best balance of risk and return, and craft an action plan to implement the strategy. 

Intended Audience:

Perfect for directors and executives seeking to improve their strategic mindset, decision-making skills, lead teams and organizations, and enhance their organization's competitive advantage.

Objectives: Participants will

  • Understand the components of a successful strategy
  • Learn how to open up possibilities for succeeding by assessing strategic goals and envisioning ways to achieve them
  • Learn about Tornado diagrams, strategy tables, discretization, corporate risk tolerance

Recommended Reading:

The Smart Organization book