Neely mission


The purpose of the Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making is to inspire and develop leaders dedicated to making effective, ethical and legal decisions.

The center partners with enterprises around the world to create value by making better decisions in an ethically sensitive way.

The Neely Center is an incubator of scholarly research, cutting-edge educational programs, and a facilitator of discourse for the benefit of students, professionals, and organizational leaders. Research conducted by the Neely Center is focused on personal, societal, and business ethics, corporate culture, public policy ethics, and engineering ethics arising from the intersections of humans and technology.



Graphic showing the interconnection of ethical legal and prudential



The Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making is jointly housed in the USC Marshall School of Business, Sol Price School of Public Policy and the Viterbi School of Engineering.

Gareth James"Our school is built on a promise: that rigorous intellectual inquiry and unprecedented global opportunity can combine to create an extraordinary environment. Located in the heart of Los Angeles – one of the world’s most diverse, dynamic and vibrant metropolises – and at the gateway to the Pacific Rim, Marshall provides an unparalleled perspective on 21st century business." 


Dean Gareth James, Marshall School of Business


Jack H. Knott"Effective, ethical decision making is especially critical for leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors who must solve complex policy challenges while also engendering trust among the people they serve. The interdisciplinary research and methods used by the Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making will provide cutting-edge scholarship and the education of leaders who place integrity and ethics at the center of their decision-making.  The Price School is pleased to be a part of the Neely Center, whose work will undoubtedly advance effective governance, improve organizations, and ultimately shape better communities."  

Dean Jack H. Knott, Sol Price School of Public Policy


Yannis C. Yortsos"As Technology advances exponentially fast it empowers all our lives in ways never before imagined. At the core of technology is the serving of useful purposes. It is paramount, therefore, that we understand the importance of decision making so that the purposes technology serves benefit society in all its dimensions, and helps to mitigate unintended consequences. The Neely Center is at the core of this effort both for the training of our students to make smart, legal and ethical decisions and to advance scholarship and solutions to important new challenges at the interface of technology with society and humanity." 

Dean Yannis C. Yortsos, Viterbi School of Engineering