USC Student Ethics Competition Videos

Joseph Bebel User Interfaces: A New Ethical Frontier of Software

Cameron & Kyle Borch Automation and the Future of Manufacturing

Jake Clark Second Best? Equity in Public Policy Decision-Making

Rashi Chaudhary Why Ethics Bias in Corporate Sustainability Reporting protects firms from being accountable for negative environmental impacts?

Kermit Franklin Removing Confederate Monuments, The Ethical Debate

Varunya Ilanghovan & Brenae Zanders Fairness and Equity Issues with Ethical Implications

Golnaz Kamalinia & Amir Assadieskandar Ethical Considerations in the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry

Davi Lyra Leite How to Deal with Trade-Offs that Appear in the Endeavor for Equality in Healthcare Systems?

Jennifer Lovett The Ethics of California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

Niraj Kumar Mahapatra Business Ethics

Saro Megeurdijian Ethical Decision-Making in Diverse Workplaces Under Public Scrutiny: A Case Study Regarding Sexism in the Tech Industry

David Newman When Eliminating Bias Isn't Fair: Analytics, Algorithms, and Procedural Justice

Jacqueline Orr Driving the Future: Carmakers' Quandary with Automated Vehicles

Melisa Osborne When is it Ok to Lie to Your Parents About Your Health?

Pablo Pozas The Slippery Ethics Surrounding The Water Bottling Industry’s Sustainability Challenge

Eleni Press Media/Journalism Ethics

Suman Balagere Ramaiah Human Future and the Ethical Implications of the Unattended Problem of Space Debris

Miles Rousseau Predicting Future Ethical Scandals in Business

Nicole Smith How the Social License Model Impacts Efficiency in Nonprofits

Briana Taylor Facebook "Friends" and Coworkers

Rebecca Thoss Viterbi Conversations in Ethics

Joycelyn Yip Unanticipated Ethical Considerations in the Biomedical Engineering Space, Specifically the Future of Prosthetics