Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making


The Neely Center for Ethical Leadership and Decision Making at USC’s Marshall School of Business is dedicated to helping leaders make responsible decisions about the design, use, and governance of the rapidly developing technologies that are reshaping our world. Through its work, the Center aims to help solve what many experts consider the most important challenge humanity has ever faced – how to align our powerful emerging technologies with ethical, human-centered values. The Center was founded in 2015 thanks to a generous endowment provided by USC Trustee Jerry Neely and his wife Nancy.


The Center achieves its mission by supporting the interdisciplinary research and cross-institutional conversations necessary for developing Technological Intelligence, the ability to understand, use, and manage technology effectively to achieve outcomes that are beneficial for individual and collective health. Specifically, the Center supports research, education, and events that illuminate three areas of critical importance: 1) social media and its effects on societal well-being; 2) the use of artificial intelligence in business; and 3) ensuring a healthy metaverse and mixed reality.


The Neely Center is led by its Executive Director, Dr. Nathanael Fast, the Jorge Paulo and Susanna Lemann Chair of Entrepreneurship and associate professor of management and organization at USC Marshall School of Business. Fast received his Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Stanford University and has been a member of the USC faculty since 2009.

Dr. Nathanael Fast