Marshall Voices

How I Learned To Type

In the fall of 1944, I walked into Florence Watt's office at USC to register for work-study.

Retired Professor Roger Burton, PhD, BM '49

On the 45th Day of My Coma...

Easter Sunday of 1998, a minister leaned over my hospital bed in Torrance.

Ernie Sickenberger

You Can Go Home Again

Yes, you can. I've done it three times.

John D. Van Fleet

A New Horizon

Growing up in Elk City, Oklahoma, I thought that little town was the center of the universe.

William Holder

I've Had a Journey, Not a Career

In the world of entrepreneurship, we don't talk about jobs or careers.

Bill Crookston

Can You Feel The Humming?

The humming you feel on campus.

Kim West

Dartmouth is beating us, and they're not even in the Pac 12!

Trojans, this is a call to arms.

Tamika Barnes

Salute The Brave

I decided to try something that could be a successful business, but still give back to a great cause.

Ryan Morris

Our Future: The World's Biggest Stage

I stood on an outdoor stage right behind the President of the United States.

Moses Ogbonnaya

We Started a Riot

We started a riot...but not in the way you think.

Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill