Marshall Voices

The Right Idea at the Right Time

Kevin Kassel ’17 had a great idea for a business…but he didn’t know it until taking classes through the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab

My Brother and I: Two Proud Parents of Marshall Graduates

As Cuban immigrants, my parents opened Porto's Bakery & Cafe in 1976. Back then it was a simple mom-and-pop business...

The Undersea Executive

As the Executive Officer onboard the Virginia-class submarine USS CALIFORNIA SSN-781, I am faced with new leadership challenges daily.

Matthew S. Thatcher

The Long Path to Troy

It took me a few years to find USC, but when I did, I found my home. Just days ago, I sent in my final student loan payment.

Rick Garcia

USC Believed in Me – My Trojan Family and I Believe in USC

I was a poor kid. I was able to attend USC only because of the academic scholarship I received. I felt very grateful for...

Reed S. Gardiner

The Sweet Taste of Success

I was confident that I had the best business model and that I would work it until 16 Handles was No. 1 in the East Village.

Solomon Choi, BS ’02

Seeing the World Through Marshall

The WBB is so selective, I never imagined that I would make the cut.

Vittorio Masina ’18

Trojans Stand Together

The MBV program exceeded my expectations in every way.

Joshua Decker MBV '15

Learning How to Fish at USC

Education is how to fish, how to live your life, how to do business. Helping others to help themselves is the key.

Alan C. Fox

Five New Programs to Master Your Future

These programs equip students with critical tools for career success in a shifting global economy.

Fernando Zapatero