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BBSA “Seats at the Table” panel, January 2018

BBSA “Seats at the Table” panel, January 2018


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MAM Blackhowk

Hello Trojans!

It’s been a “Mische Family” tradition that every M. L. King Day, to take 30 minutes out of the day to watch Dr. King's famous speech and reflect on the words and ambitions of this great American Patriot. No matter how many times I listen to his speech, his words still move my soul and speak to my spirit, and his message is, eternal.

For this day, try to find 30 minutes and listen to the words of this great American…it's well worth your time. Plus, if you write a short 2-pager, you’ll get extra credit!

USC is a great place, let’s use Dr. King’s words to make USC greater and the world better!

Proud to be your prof! Thanks!


Franklin Leonard (center), Creator of The Black List, with Marshall MBA Leadership.
Franklin Leonard (center), Creator of The Black List, with Marshall MBA Leadership.


Gregory Earnest, Marshall Full-time MBA, Class of 2018

Gregory Earnest

"Traveling to Tokyo for PRIME, I expected to be blown away by the delicious food and beautiful sights--and I was. However, learning about the country's unique business environment was by far the most fascinating. Subtle differences in their laws, social norms, and expectations resulted in a corporate culture that was often completely opposite of what we are used to in America. Our group worked with a Japanese book & toy manufacturer on how to most effectively enter the US market. I knew that we were making quality recommendations to the firm, but I was shocked by how well they responded to our project. they are even taking some of our ideas to C-suite level executives! "



Chaumanix Dutton, Ph.D Student, Marketing, Class of 2020

Chaumanix Dutton

"I applied to Marshall because it was the research fit and faculty for me. I felt like there was a strong match between my research interests and the research interests of the faculty.  The Marshall faculty are well respected in their respective fields and come from a variety of top Ph.D. programs. After attending Stanford where I earned my undergraduate degree and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for my MBA, I'm excited to pursue my Ph.D. at USC where other graduate programs are top notch."