Game Changers

Damien White, Chief Operating Officer, Green Dot Public Schools, Marshall MBA 2004

Damien White

“It was an honor to receive the 2017 Leslie Adkins Mentor Award which is named after an incredibly accomplished woman.  I am a firm believer in the power of mentorship to transform lives and communities.  I encourage everyone to seek opportunities to mentor others and share the lessons and experiences that have allowed them to be successful.”



Leo Olebe, Director, Global Games Partnerships, Facebook, Marshall MBA 2002

Leo Olebe

“Marshall was the beginning of a grand adventure that’s taken me to places that I never thought possible. Not only did I get an outstanding education, I made friends to last a lifetime and have access to a network that continues to deliver on the promise of the USC family. I can directly trace the roots of my career back to my time at Marshall.  Marshall enabled me to turn my passion for games into a nearly 20 year career.”



Roger W Brown, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, Marshall 2016

Roger Brown Graduation        

Roger Brown NDCC 2016

"Attending USC Marshall was a truly transformative experience. Not only did it set me up to enter the job market with confidence post-graduation, but each and every day for four years I had access to a diverse network of phenomenal faculty and staff who were knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring. Marshall's emphasis on providing opportunities for students to learn and grow is a true gateway for personal growth and development. From my own personal experience representing Marshall at the IU National Diversity Case Competition, I was able to cultivate and showcase skills that I will forever value."



Khue Hoang, Director of Digital, Nickelodeon, Marshall MBA 2014

Khue Hoang

"A great memory of my time at Marshall includes leading the Business of Entertainment Association as the 2013-2014 president, and being involved in as many activities as possible. This journey included participating in the E2: Evolution of Entertainment conference, Sundance Film Festival, studio and network visits, and company industry nights. This opportunity also helped me succeed in the 3 Cs of Community, Curriculum, and Career at Marshall. The community aspect allowed me to strategize with enthusiastic classmates and network with industry alumni. I also completed the graduate certificate program in the Business of Entertainment, which is a joint curriculum offering with the USC School of Cinematic Arts."



Emma Sugerman, Senior Director of Product, Real Appeal, Marshall MBA 2014

Emma Sugerman

“Leading MGSA as the 2013-2014 President was one of the best experiences I've had in recent memory (at Marshall or otherwise). I ran because I thought I could make a difference - because I thought I'd do a good job. Women were presidents for the majority of the clubs at Marshall while I was MGSA president. So you might have a class, where, like most business schools, women are underrepresented at only 30% of the class. But in our class, that 30% was STRONG, and that 30% had no fear and no misgivings about their ability to lead, based on gender or anything else. They stand up and raise their hands and make a difference - that's what I did as President of MGSA. I didn't do it despite being a woman, I did it because I wanted to, because my peers enabled me to, because it was important to me, and because Marshall is worth the dedication it required.”